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Citi expands PayAll categories

Earn miles when you use your Citi card to pay IRAS tax bills, condo management fees and electricity bills, in addition to rent and education payments, when you use PayAll

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If you have a Citi credit card in Singapore you’ll probably recall that the bank recently added the Citi PayAll function, allowing you to settle rent payments to your private landlord or education bills using your card to earn Citi Miles or Citi ThankYou Points, for a nominal transaction fee.

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Exclusively available on the Citi app, PayAll was initially rolled out to a select few in November last year, but following the trial all Citi credit card customers have been able to use the PayAll option since February 2019.


Tax, condo management fees and electricity payments have been added

Around two weeks ago Citi customers using PayAll on their Android devices noticed a few extra categories added to their PayAll function. This week the iOS app was also updated to allow these, so all users should now be able to make these additional payment types using PayAll.

New Categories May19.jpg
The latest PayAll categories

Remember the app is the only way to set up and manage your PayAll transactions, it can’t be done over the phone or via the online site. If you are a Citi credit card customer but don’t have the mobile app yet, you can download it via the links below.

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Cost per mile

Here’s the cost per mile analysis for Citi PayAll, depending on whether you can use the facility at the 1.5% fee or 2.0% fee levels, based on the Citi credit card used.

Tip: To know whether you have access to the 1.5% transaction fee or the ‘regular’ 2.0% rate, simply set up a dummy payment using Citi PayAll via the app.


In the above example I’ve set up a $1,000 payment using my Citi PremierMiles card (1.2 mpd, therefore earning 1,200 Citi Miles). The $20 fee shows that I’m paying 2.0% for the $1,000 transaction. It would say $15 if I was eligible for the 1.5% fee.

Card Earn rate
Cost per mile
1.5% fee 2.0% fee
Citi Ultima Trans.png
1.6 0.94¢ 1.25¢
Citi Prestige
1.3 1.15¢ 1.53¢
Citi PM Amex
1.3 1.15¢ 1.53¢
Citi PM Visa
1.2 1.25¢ 1.67¢
Citi Rewards Trans.png
Citi Rewards
0.4 3.75¢ 5.00¢

As you can see Citi ULTIMA cardholders who are also eligible to use the PayAll facility with a 1.5% fee get the best deal here – the ability to buy miles for 0.94 cents each.

Provided you don’t have any strange habits like addiction to KrisPay, buying Scoot vouchers with your KrisFlyer miles or burning your earnings at the KrisShop, you basically can’t lose out at that rate.

At the top end those on the 2.0% fee structure with the Citi PremierMiles Visa can buy miles at 1.67 cents each, still worth considering if you need them (and use them wisely). Our upper limit to buy is 2 cents per mile.

Remember too that Citi Miles / ThankYou Points also transfer to 12 different frequent flyer programs, including Avios, Asia Miles, Qantas and Turkish, so they can be super flexible.

As we mentioned when the targeted trial started in November, you can never make this work well with the Citi Rewards card and so should never consider using that card for PayAll transactions. We included it in the table only to show how bad it is. 3+ cents per mile is way over the odds.


Income tax payment

Like me, many of you will have already received your IRAS Notice of Assessment for this income tax year. If you haven’t yet – it should be posted by September, as IRAS sends out the notices in batches.

A couple of weeks ago we published our updated guide to earning miles by paying your income tax with your credit card in 2019, with the cost per mile calculations including the Citi PayAll options at both 2% fee and 1.5% fee levels.

Income Tax Options
Our 2019 guide to paying your income tax using your credit card includes the Citi PayAll options

Depending on the other miles earning cards you currently hold, PayAll might well be the best way for you to settle your income tax, though it does depend on the transaction fee you are targeted for. Do take a look at the analysis to determine the best option for you.

Note that payment to IRAS using Citi PayAll is not restricted to income tax payment, and also includes Property Tax for example.



Citi promised us more PayAll categories when it was first launched, and these additional payment options are either the first batch (with even more options to come), or perhaps the final list. Crucially they have secured the IRAS income tax payment option just in time for 2019 tax season.

As our recent analysis shows, there are some attractive options there depending on the Citi card you hold and the transaction fee you’re entitled to.

Some of the other new categories using Citi PayAll can be a good way to boost your annual miles balance, provided you’re comfortable buying miles at the rate applicable to your card and account.

We may personally make use of the electricity payments and property tax payments too, while others will find the education payments and condo management fees options useful.



  1. Unfortunately, for condo management fees, not all MCSTs are covered. I’ve tried, and the system refused to accept my requests.

    So I called up the customer service, and was told that there is actually a list of MCSTs which the PayAll service supports. Just so happens that mine is not on this list!

    I’m not sure how they went about confirming the list, however. Also, this list is permanent, so if your MCST is not on it now, it probably never will!

  2. I have been trying to understand the calculation of cost per mile but can’t seem to get it! How do you calculate the cost per mile of 1.67 cents below? Thank you!

    “At the top end those on the 2.0% fee structure with the Citi PremierMiles Visa can buy miles at 1.67 cents each, still worth considering if you need them (and use them wisely)”

    1. A $100 payment using the Citi PremierMiles card will earn 120 miles (1.2mpd). The 2% fee for PayAll would be $2.

      Cost per mile 2 / 120 = 0.0167 (1.67 cents per mile).

    1. That’s the point of PayAll – to award points for categories that previously were not eligible for points earning.

      So payment of electricity bills using PayAll does indeed earn points.

      “For the first time, these payments will be able to earn miles or reward points.”

      1. So far as I’m aware, because I have actually been going to SP Cust Svc monthly to pay my bills to get points/miles.. at SP, it’s down to just HSBC that gets you points (BOC was, now not).. But the new retailers, like SingTel and at least Keppel (I haven’t gong through them all yet), if via payment online, I think it’s potentially possible to get 4mpd instead of the current 1.25mpd on HSBC VI, using either UOB PPV, VS and DBS WWMC..? I’ve actually just reread the Ts & Cs of both DBS and UOB and couldn’t find any specifics on excluding points earning for Utilities payments, unless via AXS Machines..

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