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Singapore Airlines now offers free Wi-Fi in First Class, 100MB in Business

SIA First Class and Suites passengers now get unlimited free Wi-Fi on board equipped aircraft. Business Class and PPS Club members see their allowance lifted to 100MB.


Singapore Airlines has increased the caps on its data allowances for premium and status passengers flying on Wi-Fi equipped A350s, A380s, 777-300ERs, and 787-10s. Those flying First Class or Suites benefit most, with an unlimited complimentary allowance for the duration of the flight.

Edit 5th December 2019: Some older 777-300ERs and A380s will still be subject to a 100MB allowance in First Class / Suites and a 30MB allowance in Business Class or for PPS Club members until a retrofit program for those aircraft has been completed.

The latest information including specific Wi-Fi allowances by aircraft registration and by aircraft type can be found in our full guide here.


The new allowances

Effective 1st August 2019, the following data allowances apply.

Old New
First / Suites 100MB Unlimited
Business / PPS Club 30MB 100MB

The cabin class allowance is irrespective of whether you made a redemption, cash booking, or upgraded from another class.

Simply connect to the onboard portal and complete the required details using the ‘Complimentary Access’ link.

The following aircraft in the fleet are Wi-Fi equipped:

  • Airbus A350
  • Airbus A380
  • Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 787-10

You won’t find Wi-Fi however on the following jets:

  • Airbus A330
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Boeing 777-200ER
  • Boeing 777-300

How much are you saving?

If you’re a Singapore Airlines regular, you’ll probably know the Wi-Fi offering is a bit of a mishmash, and it isn’t cheap. Some aircraft have a volume-based package, others have a ‘whichever occurs first’ (time or volume) package.

Man on Laptop (Singapore Airlines)
A wide variety of paid access packages are available on SIA Wi-Fi equipped aircraft. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Here’s the Wi-Fi pricing schedule for the current SIA fleet:

Airbus A350 (Regional only)
2 hrs
(25MB limit)
Full flight
(100MB limit)
US$3.99 US$9.99

Note: Apart from the A350 Regional shown above, which we know to be correct as of this week, our readers have reported that Wi-Fi pricing has been reduced on other aircraft types as well. We’ll update the tables below as we know more, but bear in mind the following pricing is from 2018:

Airbus A350 (except Regional)
Boeing 777-300ER
(Panasonic or T-Mobile)*
20MB 80MB 200MB
US$6.00 US$16.00 US$28.00

Note: Panasonic / T-Mobile equipped 777-300ERs are 9V-SWU to -SWZ and 9V-SNA to -SNC

Airbus A380 (old aircraft)
Boeing 777-300ER (OnAir)*
15MB 30MB 50MB
US$6.99 US$12.99 US$19.99

Note: Old A380 aircraft are 9V-SKF to -SKT. OnAir equipped 777-300ERs are 9V-SWA to -SWT

Airbus A380 (new aircraft)
30 mins
(30MB limit)
3 hrs
(150MB limit)
Full flight
(500MB limit)
US$4.99 US$12.99 US$29.99

Note: New A380 aircraft are 9V-SKU to -SKZ.

Boeing 787-10 (all)
30MB 60MB 100MB
US$8.00 US$15.00 US$23.00
200MB 500MB
US$46.00 US$115.00

Earlier this week a spokesperson for Singapore Airlines told MainlyMiles:

“Our WiFi price plans comprise volume-based plans and volume and time-based plans. A purchased WiFi plan is only valid on the flight sector on which the purchase was made. As price plans vary depending on seasonal promotions, WiFi service provider and aircraft type, we are unable to provide a specific list of price plans and corresponding aircraft types.”


The StarHub / Singtel / M1 alternative

Currently, the three major telcos in Singapore are offering unlimited data packages for use with the Singapore Airlines onboard Wi-Fi, as follows:

  • Singtel – S$29 for 24 hours
  • StarHub / M1 – S$25 per day (Singapore local time)

These look expensive options (and they are), but remember as the onboard Wi-Fi options are generally not unlimited, and are priced in US$ (so you need to multiply by at least 1.3x), they start to look like more reasonable alternatives.

The connection and usage instructions are available on the Singapore Airlines page here.

Some Boingo packages, such as those you get with the Citi Prestige card, also allow access on selected Singapore Airlines aircraft. This does tend to vary however and it isn’t totally reliable.



A very nice new allowance for First Class and Suites passengers, who now have unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi throughout their Singapore Airlines flight on equipped aircraft.

It’s also great to see a much more generous 100MB allowance for Business Class and PPS Club members, since 30MB did tend to expire very quickly, especially when using social media apps.

(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)



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