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Targeted: OCBC Titanium Rewards 8 mpd for online spend in August

Check your email - you may be eligible for 8 miles per dollar for online spend with your OCBC Titanium Rewards card in August

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

OCBC Business

OCBC has been sending out email or SMS messages today inviting selected Titanium Rewards cardholders to earn 8 miles per dollar (20 OCBC$) for every S$1 spent online during August 2019.

Some OCBC customers have reported being offered a much less attractive 5% cashback alternative for August.


The deal

If you’ve been selected for the deal (i.e. received the offer from OCBC), you’ll also have to spend at least S$300 online during the August 2019 using your OCBC Titanium Rewards Card for all online spend this month to earn at the enhanced rate.

OCBC TR Online Spend.jpg
(Image: OCBC)

The 20 OCBC$ per S$1 online spend bonus is capped at 20,000 OCBC$ (equivalent of 8,000 miles), which means only the first S$1,000 online spend is counted.

Excluded online transactions for this promotion are:

  • Annual Card fees
  • Cash-On-Instalment IPP and Extended payment plans
  • Income tax payments
  • Bill payments made via Internet Banking or AXS
  • Interest, late payment charges, goods and services taxes, cash advances, balance transfers
  • Bus / MRT transactions, transit top-up, contactless payments and other fees and charges

Bonus miles from this offer will be credited by 30th September 2019Full terms and conditions for the deal are available here.



8 miles per dollar is hard to come by these days, since the Citi Apple Pay promotion ended last year, so if you hold the OCBC Titanium Rewards card and have been targeted for this offer it’s a great way to channel some of your spend online this month for up to 8,000 miles.

Remember the regular OCBC Titanium Rewards 4 mpd categories don’t apply here – all online spend apart from the noted exclusions will count towards the offer.

Card trans.png


(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)



  1. Hmmm… I received the emailer… But, unlike Amex where they would include the last digits of your cRd number to let you know which card the emailer is for, OCBC hasn’t done so.. So, given I have both the blue and pink cards, can I assume that I can clock $1000 on each card for 8000 miles each? what if it was only meant for one of the two cards, and then which would it be for?

    Hahaha.. I guess I’ll need phone OCBC to find out.. 😄

    1. Good point! I have both cards too and the email doesn’t say which card for me either. Definitely one to call about – I don’t want to be responsible for promising anything!

  2. So I phoned OCBC on Sat and spoke to a CSO.. Asked if the email I received meant that both cards are entitled to the 8mpd..

    She asked for me to be put on hold while she checked and I was ‘Sure, no problem..’

    She came back on the line and asked if she could check and call me back later the same day instead of keeping me on the line and I was ‘Sure, no problem..’

    She phoned me back about an hour or so later.. and requested that I forwarded her the email that I received, as no one on duty knew anything about this promo.. and that she would check on Monday and call me back with the answer.. I’m like, ‘Really..??’ Okay.. No sweat…

    Today she phones me, and said that she checked with the product team and ONLY ONE of the two cards I have, qualify for the 8mpd.. and no, neither that information, NOR any reference to which card qualified for the promo, was anywhere on the emailer.. AND of course, I had already made purchased online, to the tune of some $3XX.. on the WRONG card.. 😣

    Then I asked her.. I have another question.. Does this $1000 (max) count towards the $12,000 max for 4mpd? or is this on top of..?

    She’ll phone me back… after which, I’ll update y’all.. 😂

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