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How to redeem your pooled Standard Chartered X Card and SCVI reward points

Holding on to the Standard Chartered SCVI and X Card? Here's what it means for your reward points.

SCVI and X

Quite a number of our readers, ourselves included, already had a Standard Chartered Visa Infinite credit card in Singapore before also picking up the new X card over the last few days for the 100,000 miles sign-up bonus, now reduced for new applications from 1st August to 60,000 miles.

The question is, since your 360o reward points pool into a single account, how can you redeem them individually and what can you redeem them for?


You can’t redeem SCVI points for new partners

First thing to note is that while Standard Chartered has added 11 new partner loyalty programs for you to be able to transfer your reward points into, you can only do so from points accrued using the X card.

New FFPs.png

Rewards Both 2.jpg
It looks promising to start with, the combined total points is shown

Points accrued on your SCVI card are still restricted purely for redemption into the KrisFlyer program.