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Is Singapore Airlines introducing pyjamas in Business Class?

SIA wants supplier quotes for a "Business Class Unisex Sleeper Suit". Are PJs coming in Business Class?


Pyjamas for Business Class passengers are a popular amenity offered by several airlines to enhance their customers’ experience when flying on long-haul flights. They’re seen by many travellers as the perfect complement to a lie-flat bed for a great overnight (or even daytime) rest.

Singapore Airlines has traditionally shied away from the concept, going against the likes of competitors Lufthansa, Qantas and Qatar Airways, who all offer pyjamas in this cabin.

Qantas offers pyjamas in its long-haul Business Class cabins. (Photo: Qantas)

Indeed back in October last year, when the airline relaunched non-stop flights to New York, SIA’s senior vice president of sales and marketing Campbell Wilson told Business Traveller: “Our experience has been that most people don’t actually use pyjamas on board an aircraft.

“Most travellers bring a change of clothes if they wish to or indeed just sleep in the clothes they have. We obviously monitor, but at this juncture we’ve not seen a really strong demand.”


Has SIA’s opinion shifted?

Maybe. Singapore Airlines issues procurement tender notices on its website, inviting companies to bid for the supply of products and services.

These can be seriously, seriously dull. They currently include quotation requests for “the supply of surgical hand sanitizer”, “the supply of cargo document envelopes” and “the supply of disposable paper traymats for Premium Economy Class”.

One new addition today did catch our eye though – the airline looks to be seeking pricing and samples for a “Business Class Unisex Sleeper Suit”, or more simply – pyjamas for Business Class passengers!

Sleep Suit Tender.jpg

The tender closes on 13th November 2019, with suppliers also obliged to send through compulsory samples by then.

Currently Singapore Airlines only offers pyjamas on long-haul flights in its First Class and Suites cabins, like those pictured below from Lalique.

Singapore Airlines already offers Lalique pyjamas for First Class passengers on long-haul flights. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Of course this tender notice doesn’t mean SIA is definitely going to start offering pyjamas in Business Class. They may not receive a suitable bid for one thing, or the pricing may be considered too high.

The intention may also be fairly limited, for example the airline might only be exploring the option for non-stop A350 ULR flights to and from the USA.

That said, the airline does stand out as one of the “luxury” carriers not currently offering this option to Business Class passengers, so they may have decided it’s finally time to do so on a wider scale.

Assuming it does happen, pyjamas are likely to be offered only on longer overnight flights (e.g. United has a 12+ hour rule for loading a limited number of “on request” PJs on its Polaris Business Class flights).

A network-wide offering for SIA would be prohibitively expensive, not to mention unnecessary and potentially wasteful.



No guarantees, but it looks as though Singapore Airlines is at least seriously considering offering pyjamas to at least some of its Business Class passengers, perhaps from sometime next year.

It would tie in nicely with the airline offering an all flat-bed experience in Business Class in the coming years, including on regional routes and even on the upcoming narrow-body ex-SilkAir aircraft.

Flat-bed seats in Business Class now feature on most Singapore Airlines regional aircraft as well as long-haul ones. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

To us this would be a genuine enhancement to an otherwise great Business Class product, and though we don’t tend to use airline-issued pyjamas ourselves on flights (we both prefer to bring our own sleepwear), we know that many people really appreciate the option.

What do you think about a potential future “sleep suit” on Singapore Airlines flights in Business Class, and would you use it if offered? Let us know in the comments section below.

(Cover Photo: Singapore Airlines)



  1. I wear Qantas pyjamas when flying SQ J overnight! Also with the SQ sleeper service I don’t get dinner or breakfast usually just a cup of coffee so it’d be nice to get something extra for all the KF points I burn!

      1. The crew does not notice it nor do they care what we wear to sleep in. I wear my BA First pajamas on SQ J flights. The previous SQ First pajamas were low quality and not worth keeping. The JAL F are OK and slightly better than the BA ones, but the CX ones are the highest quality ones.

  2. They should give the option for passenger to request pajama’s if they need it specially for those travelling in a long haul flights like 12-16 hrs flights. Also they must include lobster temedor in their menus book the cook option.

  3. Yes I agree pyjamas should be supplied, I flew Quatar on my last visit to the UK and they supply pyjamas

  4. I agree Pyjamas should be supplied in Business Class.. and I hope they are available when my husband and I fly to Paris on the 5th September 2022….comfort is crucial when flying long distances…especially at our age… Singapore Air has alway been known to display high standards in all areas… except pyjamas!!! Yet First class are supplied !,,….disappointing ….

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