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Foodpanda cuts KrisFlyer earn rate back to 1 mile per dollar

Earning KrisFlyer miles with foodpanda orders is now an ongoing deal, but the rate has been halved back to its original level

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Food delivery service foodpanda started offering KrisFlyer miles for your transactions back in March 2019, at a rate of 1 mile per dollar spent. It was a great way, using the right credit card, to earn up to 5 miles per dollar on these transactions, though it was subject to a rather high minimum order value of S$35.

The company later improved the offer, reducing the minimum spend to a much more achievable S$20 to qualify for miles earning in September 2019.

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Finally in October last year foodpanda doubled the earn rate to an excellent 2 miles per dollar, but at the same time increased the minimum spend back to S$35 again.

The rate has dropped back to 1mpd

foodpanda rather sneakily changed the earn rate back to 1 mile per dollar for transactions made from 27th December, so if you ordered in the last few days of 2019 thinking you were getting 2mpd – you weren’t.

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The KrisFlyer offer was originally due to end altogether on 31st December 2019, but foodpanda has confirmed to Mainly Miles that it is now an ongoing deal at the 1 mile per dollar level.

The minimum order value of S$35 still applies for miles accrual.