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SIA now charges $140 for ‘solo’ Premium Economy seats on A350 ULR flights

Previously only available for advance selection by PPS Club members, SIA's 'Solo Seats' on A350 ULR flights are now available for US$140 per flight

Solo Seat (TPG)

Back in August 2019 we reported how Singapore Airlines had started blocking the six Solo Seats at the back of the Premium Economy cabin on its Airbus A350 ULR aircraft for advance selection only by PPS Club members, with other passengers left to chance their luck at online check-in 48 hours before departure time.

From 1st March 2020 the airline has started to allow selection of these Solo Seats by all Premium Economy passengers, for an additional fee of US$140 per sector (US$20 more than it is charging for the four Extra Legroom seats at the front of the Premium Economy cabin).

PPS Club members will continue to be able to select these seats for free, and KrisFlyer members get between 5% and 15% off depending on their status tier.


The Solo Seats

When Singapore Airlines revealed the seat map for its upcoming Airbus A350 ULR aircraft in May 2018, we were left somewhat puzzled about the six missing window seats in the final three rows of the cabin.

Missing Seats

In fact it later transpired that the usual overhead lockers in the middle of the cabin at this rear section had to make way for an additional overhead crew rest compartment.

It means passengers in the four D/E/F/G seats need to use the overhead lockers at each side of the cabin to store their belongings, so the solution was to install a floor-level storage locker where the window seat would have been located at these rows to ensure those passengers had sufficient storage too.

With the mystery solved, in June 2018 The Points Guy took a trip to Zodiac Aerospace in Texas, where the seats are manufactured, to see how they looked in the flesh.