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1.99% fee for any payment using your Visa card with ipaymy

Get a discounted 1.99% fee on any ipaymy transaction with a Singapore Visa card in April. Buy miles from 1.22 cents each.


If you have an invoice, one-off rental payment or tax bill to settle this month, credit card payments company ipaymy has a one-time promotional code unlocking a 1.99% fee using a Singapore-issued Visa card. For some of our readers this means ‘buying’ miles at a competitive 1.22 cents each, rising to 1.63 cents per mile for the more widely held cards.

The offer

ipaymy’s usual fee for payments using your Singapore issued Visa card is 2.25% (Mastercard 2.25%, Amex 3.3%).

Schedule a payment anytime this month and apply promo code APR199, with payment using a Singapore-issued Visa card, to be eligible for this 1.99% rate on a one-time transaction. Note that payment by Mastercard or Amex is not included in the offer, which also does not apply to recurring payments.

199 Fee Apr20

Obviously the bigger the payment, the bigger the saving, so if you have more than one transaction to make this month – remember to save the code for the most expensive one!

199 Fee Banner Apr20

Note that the charge date for your transaction must be on or before 30th April 2020.


Cost per mile

Here are some cost per mile examples for Singapore-issued credit cards under this promotional deal at the 1.99% rate (applicable to any Visa payment):

Card Miles per S$1