Singapore Airlines

What is the current Singapore Airlines cargo schedule?

Shifting cargo is currently SIA's primary business, with 80 departures from Changi per week by passenger aircraft carrying only freight on board. Where are they all going?

SQ Cargo 747 3

Most of us are now aware that Singapore Airlines is flying very few passenger services from Changi Airport each day, since early April through to at least the end of June 2020. In fact there are between just two and eight daily passenger departures, depending on the day of the week, with some of the 15 cities on the list receiving only a once weekly connection.

That doesn’t mean all other Singapore Airlines flights are grounded, however. At least a dozen SIA flights leave Changi each day carrying only cargo, either in the underfloor holds of passenger aircraft or in one of the airline’s seven dedicated Boeing 747 freighter jets.

Here’s how the airline’s 145 departures from Changi last week looked.

Singapore Airlines SIN Departures
(w/c 20th April 2020)
Day Passenger Aircraft
SQ 787 SCA Delivery (Paul Schmid)
SQ Cargo 747
Pax +