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Act fast: Get 8 mpd on your Citi Rewards card or 4 mpd on your PremierMiles card until 30 June

Register now to earn up to 8 mpd on selected spend with your Citi Rewards card and up to 4 mpd with your Citi PremierMiles card

Cover 2020

Citi has launched an ‘Accelerated Rewards’ programme offering up to 8 miles per dollar for specific spend categories using its Citi Rewards cards and up to 4 miles per dollar with the Citi PremierMiles cards, capped at the first S$1,000 of eligible spend per card and open to the first 10,000 applicants.

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The offer includes some popular online daily spend categories during the circuit breaker period, including food delivery and pharmacies, plus a range of online and in-store grocery purchases.

How to register

The first thing you’ll want to do is register all your applicable Citi miles-earning cards for the promotion.

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