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SIA@Home new Spring-Summer menus, with a side of Elite Miles & PPS Value

Three new seasonal SIA@Home menus have launched, this time with a generous serving of Elite Miles or PPS Value on the side, for your next status renewal or tier upgrade.

Singapore Airlines has launched three new menus for the Spring-Summer 2021 season, for those wanting to recreate the in-flight dining experience at home with one of the airline’s First Class or Business Class meals, complete with wine or Champagne pairing and optional ‘Book-the-Chef’ service.

The SIA@Home concept was the first of Singapore Airlines’ on-ground experiences in the ‘Discover your Singapore Airlines’ programme, launched in late 2020, and this particular initiative has been continued with recent festive and lunar new year special menus, but this time round there’s an extra incentive to give it a go.


That’s because of SIA’s new campaign to help you retain or upgrade your KrisFlyer or PPS Club status tier without flying, meaning you’ll get a generous side serving of status credits with every KrisShop order, including these home-delivered meals, until February next year.

There’s also a double status credits offer for Elite members ordering between now and 21st April, and remember you can schedule your SIA@Home experience up to a month from the purchase date.

The new SIA@Home menus

There are new menus launched for the latest season across three of the selections; Tokyo; Paris and Sydney.

Chef Zhu Jun’s menu (Singapore to Shanghai), which featured as a lunar new year option, has also been retained and modified slightly from the festive version.

Route First Class Business Class
New Delhi
New Delhi

  Click here for the full SIA@Home Selection

You’ll also get an amenity kit (or three!) thrown in, including the airline’s brand new Penhaligon’s Business Class version with selected meals.

One of the revamped menus for this season is the First Class Singapore to Tokyo option

More expensive packages even include Narumi or Wedgwood tableware and Lalique crystalware.

“Enjoy new seasonal dishes and chef signatures with our new Spring-Summer 2021 menus for SIA@Home packages.

Singapore Airlines

New additions for the Spring-Summer menus include a Lobster Tail with Caviar on the Tokyo First Class menu and a Seared King Salmon with Quinoa in Truffle Vinaigrette on the Sydney Business Class menu.

First Class wine and Champagne selection. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

One thing hasn’t changed – these experiences don’t come cheap! Prices range from S$276 through to S$950 including GST, depending on the package and inclusions, with additional charges for ‘Book-the-Chef’.

A new benefit: Earn status credits

Singapore Airlines recently launched a new campaign to help KrisFlyer and PPS Club members renew or even upgrade their status tier without flying, through incentives such as everyday spend with partners and transfers from credit card points into miles.

Part of the offer includes some great status credit earning rates for KrisShop purchases right through to 28th February 2022, including these SIA@Home dining sets, with double credits available for purchases made by 21st April 2021.

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Status credits earning

Status Tier 7 Apr 2021
21 Apr 2021
22 Apr 2021
28 Feb 2022
PPS Club 2 PPS Value
per S$1
1 PPS Value
per S$1
KrisFlyer Elite 6 Elite miles
per S$1
3 Elite miles
per S$1

3 Elite miles
per S$1

For example a KrisFlyer Elite Silver member ordering the Georges Blanc First Class SIA@Home menu between now and 21st April 2021 at S$448 + GST would earn 2,688 Elite Miles (448 x 6), within 7 days of the transaction.

That’s in addition to 1.5 KrisFlyer miles per dollar spent at KrisShop, for a total of 672 miles (448 x 1.5), plus up to 4 mpd through an eligible miles-earning credit card on the tax-inclusive amount for an additional 1,916 miles (479 x 4).


Remember you won’t earn Elite miles or PPS Value on any amount paid or offset using KrisFlyer miles, so be sure to opt for the full cash option.

In any event, you’ll always want to be using cash to purchase rather than redeeming KrisFlyer miles at KrisShop, because of the poor 0.8 cents per mile value offered as a ‘default rate’ to offset cash purchases, leading to some ridiculous miles rates for large purchases like these.

Business Class Amenity Kit

All the SIA@Home Business Class options come with the airline’s brand new Penhaligon’s Amenity Kit. These were provided on board over the recent Christmas and New Year period, and to all passengers on the inaugural Boeing 737-800 flights. They will be progressively rolled out on longer flights this year.

We have a full review of these new kits.

SIA Signatures

Another recent addition to the SIA@Home selection is the choice of two additional ‘Singapore Airlines Signatures’.

Previously only available as a First Class add-on designed for two, there’s now also a ‘Signatures for One’ and a 48-piece Signature Satay to choose from. Here are the options with their prices excluding GST.

Note that the KrisShop site will display pricing excluding GST until you reach the payment confirmation stage.

How it works

Once you’ve made your purchase through the KrisShop, the ‘cabin crew concierge’ will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your choice of wine, together with your preferred delivery date and time.

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Menus cannot be customised for dietary preferences, and all SIA@Home orders will be combined in a single delivery. To schedule deliveries to multiple locations or at different timings, you’ll have to make separate transactions.

For example if you want to try a First Class meal this weekend then a Business Class one later in the month, be sure to split these into two separate purchases.

The delivery can be scheduled between 9am and 9pm daily. Confirmation must be made three days before the preferred date of delivery, not including the date of order if it is made after 12pm.

Delivery should take place within one month from purchase of package. SIA@Home orders cannot be cancelled and are non-refundable. Changes to your menu selection will not be allowed within three days of the delivery date.

Delivery is to Singapore addresses only.

Our experience

We tried out the Singapore to Paris Business Class menu when SIA@Home first launched, and while the preparation and plating was hard work, we have to say it was an enjoyable evening!