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Review: Singapore Airlines’ new Business Class amenity kit

We picked up some of the very first brand new Singapore Airlines Business Class amenity kits, soon to be rolled out on board. Let's take a look.

On Tuesday last week we first revealed on our Facebook page that Singapore Airlines had confirmed it was introducing an amenity kit for Business Class passengers, a move the carrier has long resisted in favour of shared amenities in the lavatories and items such as slippers and eyeshades provided on request.

With COVID-19 spelling the end to shared amenities in the washrooms, at least temporarily, the airline has been forced to make these items ‘on demand’ for Business Class passengers over recent months, so the future provision of these amenity kits will simplify matters at least in the short term.

Over the years there have been some occasional kits offered in Business Class from time to time, usually to commemorate special events, but these have never lasted more than a few months.

New Business Class amenity kit. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)
New Business Class amenity kit. (Photo: Buzz)

So far all we’ve had is some media images, but