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Review: Singapore Airlines’ new Business Class amenity kit

We picked up some of the very first brand new Singapore Airlines Business Class amenity kits, soon to be rolled out on board. Let's take a look.

On Tuesday last week we first revealed on our Facebook page that Singapore Airlines had confirmed it was introducing an amenity kit for Business Class passengers, a move the carrier has long resisted in favour of shared amenities in the lavatories and items such as slippers and eyeshades provided on request.

With COVID-19 spelling the end to shared amenities in the washrooms, at least temporarily, the airline has been forced to make these items ‘on demand’ for Business Class passengers over recent months, so the future provision of these amenity kits will simplify matters at least in the short term.

Over the years there have been some occasional kits offered in Business Class from time to time, usually to commemorate special events, but these have never lasted more than a few months.

New Business Class amenity kit. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)
New Business Class amenity kit. (Photo: Buzz)

So far all we’ve had is some media images, but today we got hold of the first actual kits themselves so we could take a closer look and share the details with you.



The new unisex amenity kit was created by Melbourne-based global design company Buzz, specialists in airline and travel accessories. The firm’s work has also included Acqua Di Parma amenity kits for Etihad, Jason Wu pyjamas for EVA Air and TUMI amenity kits for Delta Air Lines.

Here’s what Buzz has to say about the new Singapore Airlines Business Class amenity kit.

“The Business Class kit is a green Penhaligon’s branded folio-style bag featuring a signature perfume bottle stopper shaped zip pull. Inside the kit are three luxurious Penhaligon’s skin care products: Quercus Lip Balm, Quercus Hand Lotion and Quercus Facial Mist.”


There’s also an ‘unmentioned’ bonus item in the kits we received, which we’ll reveal later in the article.

“The Penhaligon’s for Singapore Airlines programme will be available via the SIA@Home Business Class experience from 5 October and onboard in coming months.”


Mainly Miles reached out to Singapore Airlines for further details of when the amenity kit is expected to debut on board, and which routes you can expect to find it offered on, however these aspects are still subject to final confirmation.

“The kits are currently not available on board flights, however, customers who purchase our SIA@Home Business Class packages will receive the kit as a preview. Customers who dine in our upcoming Restaurant A380 @Changi in Business Class seats will also receive a preview of the amenity kit.

“More details on plans for the kit, including when it will launch for flights, will be announced in due course.”

Singapore Airlines Spokesperson

It’s perhaps not surprising given the evolving COVID-19 situation that firm dates and routes for the on-board rollout are not yet set in stone, as there is likely some flexibility in the plans.

Once we have a more definite indication of these details, we’ll be sure to share them with you.

Penhaligon’s of London

Singapore Airlines first worked with London-based branding agency Matrix to bring Penhaligon’s products to its Business Class customers as a selection of washroom amenities in 2017, when the latest Airbus A380 cabin products were introduced.

At the same time, Lalique was chosen as the provider for First Class and Suites amenities and pyjamas.

The carrier has retained its relationship with the double royal warrant holder as the fragrance brand for its new Business Class amenity kits, this time working with Buzz on the concept.

“Buzz have created this collaboration between two iconic brands to create a perfect alignment of experiential luxury and personalised indulgence. Singapore Airlines and Penhaligon’s key values combine to create a trusted, elegant amenity program of unparalleled excellence.”


First impressions

The kits are quite small, measuring 19cm x 13cm, and are lightweight as you would imagine. Still there is room for a few small items if you’ll be reusing it in future, though not a full toiletries set.

There is a zip across the top and one side, opened by an attractive bottle stopper shaped zip-pull.

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

Inside, the kits are lined with a decorative montage of Penhaligon’s brand labels past and present.

Lining inside the amenity kit. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

There is a small introductory card inside with a message from the airline.

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

Amenity kit contents

While the previous Penhaligon’s selection in the Business Class washrooms comprised an Eau de toilette, Hand Lotion and Facial Mist, these new Business Class amenity kits for each passenger have a slightly different selection.

SIA’s new Business Class Amenity Kit contents. (Photo: Buzz)

The airline has retained its previous choice of the citrus-based Quercus range from Penhaligon’s.

“Quercus is a modern and invigorating cologne with a joyful burst of citrus and basil, supported by jasmine, cardamom, lily and amber.”


Penhaligon’s Quercus Hand Lotion (30ml)

The hand lotion is the major component in the amenity kit. Penhaligon’s describes it as “a nourishing and luxurious hand lotion, enlivened with the perfume of an English oak tree – fresh zest, wet moss, and earthy patchouli”.

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

This product typically retails at S$75 for a 300ml bottle in London, while you’re getting a 30ml version here in the new kit.

Penhaligon’s Quercus Facial Mist (7ml)

Penhaligon’s does not offer a facial mist for public sale to our knowledge, so this is an exclusive for Singapore Airlines, as it has been previously in the on-board washrooms.

Facial Mist. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Though many may prefer a moisturiser, we do find a facial mist can be surprisingly refreshing, especially after waking from an overnight sleep prior to landing.

There should be enough here to take with you after the flight and use during the day ahead.

Penhaligon’s Quercus Lip Balm (4g)

Another exclusive for SIA is the Quercus lip balm. Penhaligon’s offers a range of lip balms for purchase at around S$19 for 15g, however Quercus is not one of them.

Lip Balm. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

A travel-size 4g version is included in this kit, which may even be enough to see you through a few days after your flight.

Penhaligon’s Luna Perfume Oil (5ml)

A floral alternative to the Quercus range, Singapore Airlines is also providing a 5ml Luna unisex perfume in the amenity kit.

Unisex Luna Perfume. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

According to Penhaligon’s, “top notes are lemon, bergamot and bitter orange; middle notes are rose, jasmine and juniper berries; base notes are balsam fir, musk and ambergris.”

Although you’re getting a tiny 5ml quantity in this kit, in a mini roll-on bottle to “apply to your pulse points”, this is expensive stuff normally retailing in London at around S$250 for a 100ml version.

Despite not being included in the original press images, hopefully this makes it to the onboard sets as well.

Other amenities

While the new Business Class amenity kit appears a little thin on content compared to some other airlines, SIA will continue to offer many of its amenities on an à la carte basis for flights longer than six hours.

Oman Air Business Class Amenity Kit contents. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Looking at this Business Class amenity kit from our Oman Air flight from Muscat to Jakarta last year, for example, may make you feel a little short-changed by the SIA offering. Bear in mind however that SIA does provide many of the additional items you see here on request.



You can currently get your hands on a pair of these brand new SIA Business Class amenity kits by ordering one of the airline’s SIA@Home Business Class meals, starting at S$276 with wine or Champagne, right up to S$415 including a 22-piece Business Class tableware set.

Wine and Dine

(S$276 – S$340)

A Business Class meal for 2 based on your choice of menu comprising our signature satay canape, appetiser, main course and dessert. Main course options include international cuisine favourites such as Hanakoireki and roasted lamb loin. You may also select either a bottle of French wine or brut champagne. In addition, receive a pair of Business Class amenity kits.

All-Inclusive Experience

(S$383 – S$415)

A Business Class meal for 2 based on your choice of menu comprising our signature satay canape, appetiser, main course and dessert. Main course options include international cuisine favourites such as Hanakoireki and roasted lamb loin. You may also select either a bottle of French wine or brut champagne. In addition, receive a 22 piece Business Class tableware set, a pair of Business Class amenity kits and other amenities.

It is not possible, however, to purchase the Business Class Amenity Kits in isolation. See our recent article for full details of the SIA@Home offering.

Amenity kit giveaway

Great news for those of you wanting to get your hands on one of these brand new Business Class kits – we’ve managed to secure a pair and will be giving both of them away to two lucky readers anywhere in the world, in our latest Instagram competition.

The contest closes on Sunday 11th October 2020 at 7pm Singapore time. We’ll then collate the valid entries and a winner will be selected by a random number generator.

Here are the other rules:

  • Each eligible Instagram account will only be entered into the contest once, even if multiple comments are made on the giveaway post by a single account.
  • The winning Instagram accounts will be announced on the special giveaway post by Monday 12th October 2020.
  • Mainly Miles will contact the winners through Instagram direct message to obtain the shipping address.
  • In the event that the appropriate shipping details are not received within 1 week of us requesting them, we will run the draw again and a different winner(s) will be selected at random.
  • Under Instagram’s promotion rules, we have to tell you that this giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.


Singapore Airlines has long resisted providing amenity kits to Business Class passengers, instead favouring a policy of shared toiletries and personal dental kits in the washrooms, with other amenities such as eye shades and slippers provided at your seat, or on demand.

This new amenity kit is a welcome addition and will allow you to take home a presentable zip-bag for future use, or as a memory of your trip.

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

It also helps solve the current COVID-19 quandary, with the airline unable to provide shared amenities in the toilets at least temporarily due to health and safety concerns.

Finally don’t miss your chance to win one of these brand new amenity kits we’re giving away to two lucky readers in our latest Instagram competition, including free worldwide delivery.

(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)


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