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Foodpanda hiking minimum spend for KrisFlyer miles earning to S$35

You'll need to spend at least $35 on each foodpanda order to accrue KrisFlyer miles from 16 May.

Earning KrisFlyer miles for foodpanda orders was first launched back in March 2019, and if you cast your mind back that far you may recall that the minimum spend to earn miles through the platform was a relatively steep S$35 – not always useful for those placing smaller orders.

That changed in February 2020, when foodpanda reduced its minimum order value for miles earning to S$20, giving you an extra KrisFlyer mile per dollar (or sometimes 2 mpd when an offer was running) on a wider range of purchases.

The minimum order is returning to S$35

For orders placed from Sunday 16th May 2021, foodpanda is unfortunately increasing the minimum spend for KrisFlyer miles earning back to the less useful S$35 threshold.

Foodpanda’s wording for KrisFlyer miles earning is a little inconsistent across their site, suggesting you need to order food above S$35 to earn KrisFlyer miles.

In fact any order above the threshold including delivery will earn miles in our experience (e.g. a S$34 food order + S$1.49 delivery for a total cost of S$35.49 earns 35 KrisFlyer miles, even though the ‘food’ element didn’t exceed the threshold), but to play it safe if the miles are important to you it’s best to exceed the threshold on food alone!

Here are the full earning terms and conditions:

  • KrisFlyer miles can only be transferred to the rightful individual KrisFlyer account.
  • Offer is valid for KrisFlyer members only. To enjoy the offer, KrisFlyer members must record their KrisFlyer membership number into foodpanda account with the matching first and last name.
  • Valid with minimum order of $35 (inclusive of delivery fee)
  • Offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions, discounts, coupons or privileges.
  • Miles will be credited into your KrisFlyer account within 30 days after each successful order
  • Members are responsible for any delays caused by inaccurate details.
  • Log in to check your KrisFlyer statements online.
  • foodpanda reserves the right to change the T&Cs at any time without prior notice.

Miles accrued for valid orders are rounded to the nearest whole mile when credited to your KrisFlyer account (e.g. S$45.40 is rounded down to 45 miles, but S$45.60 is rounded up to 46 miles).

How to earn

Remember when you place a foodpanda order using the app, check that your KrisFlyer membership number has been saved. You can do this at the checkout stage by clicking KrisFlyer below your order summary, then entering your membership number.

This will allow you to enter your KrisFlyer number if it’s not already there. Note that the name on your foodpanda account must match the one on your KrisFlyer account.

After you’ve entered your KrisFlyer number once, it remembers it for future orders.

This has improved recently, since it no longer requires you to tap your contact details to check the membership number is correctly saved.

When will the miles credit to KrisFlyer?

Miles from your foodpanda orders credit to your KrisFlyer account “within 30 days after each successful order” according to the terms and conditions.

KF Logo trans

We’ve used the service many times since KrisFlyer miles earning started in March 2019, and we can confirm that in fact the miles appear to be credited in monthly ‘batches’ (around 6th to 9th of each month, for transactions made in the previous month).


That means if you’ve made a number of orders in a given period you’ll see them all appear in your KrisFlyer account on the same date, but as individual transactions.

The quickest order date to credit date we’ve had so far is 3 weeks, the longest about 7 weeks. This therefore certainly isn’t a quick way to earn miles (we’ve got a list of those, if you’re interested), but nonetheless you should see them credit within a couple of months.

Which credit card to use

This 1 mile per dollar accrual from foodpanda will credit directly to your KrisFlyer account for valid orders of S$35+, but of course you’ll be wanting to maximise your miles earning by using the best credit card you hold for the transaction too.

Here are the cards we have identified which earn up to 4 miles per dollar on foodpanda orders:

Card Earn
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CardMC2019-small.pngCiti PremierMiles
4 mpd No cap, for food delivery spend between 1 Mar – 31 Aug 2021. See our article for full details.
Citi Rewards Card 2019Citi Rewards
4 mpd Capped at S$1,000 per statement month.
(see our review)
4 mpd Capped at S$2,000 per calendar month.
HSBC Revo Card SmallHSBC Revolution
(see our review)
4 mpd Capped at S$1,000 per calendar month.
Ladys CardUOB Lady’s Card 4 mpd If dining is specified as your quarterly bonus category, capped at S$1,000 per calendar month.
Ladys Solitaire CardUOB Lady’s Solitaire Card
4 mpd If dining is specified as your quarterly bonus category, capped at S$3,000 per calendar month.
(see our review)
4 mpd Capped at S$1,110 per calendar month.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card-Small.pngKrisFlyer UOB Credit Card
(see our review)
3 mpd No cap, subject to S$300+ spend on SIA transactions in your membership year (bonus 1.8 mpd on dining credited after the end of your membership year).

Using these cards will therefore earn you 1 mpd directly into your KrisFlyer account plus 3 mpd or 4 mpd paid as credit card points, for every S$35+ foodpanda order.

Cards earning less than those listed above, like the DBS Altitude at 1.2 miles per dollar for local general spend, will still allow you to achieve an effective 2.2 miles per dollar in total for valid foodpanda transactions.


It’s been possible to earn KrisFlyer miles with foodpanda orders since March 2019, and when the option first launched a S$35 minimum order was required.

There have been various offers since then, including a few double miles earning opportunities, but one of the most useful changes was in February 2020 when foodpanda cut its minimum order fee for miles earning to a more easily achievable S$20.

Unfortunately that’s now been reversed and it’s back to the original S$35 minimum order to pick up 1 KrisFlyer mile per S$1 spent on the platform, effective from 16th May 2021.

That’s perhaps not a big issue for a couple or a group ordering dinner, but for smaller orders like a lunch for one it probably means forgoing the additional miles, which should simply lead you to explore the cheapest option across the main food delivery competitors like GrabFood and Deliveroo.

(Cover Photo: foodpanda)


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