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Final month: Uncapped 4 mpd on food delivery & home entertainment with Citi cards

Last month to clock 4 mpd on food delivery and home entertainment with your Citi PremierMiles or Prestige card, freeing up the spend allowance on your regular bonus cards in the process.
EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

Back in early March, Citi launched an excellent new miles earning promotion for its PremierMiles and Prestige cardholders, with a completely uncapped 4 mpd rate on spend at food delivery merchants like Deliveroo, and for home entertainment spend including iTunes, Disney+ and Spotify.

With no registration required, no minimum spend and no bonus miles cap in force, it’s a fantastic deal you should definitely be taking advantage of if you hold either of these credit cards.

Now we’re into August – there’s just one month left to maximise your miles earning through these everyday spend transactions, in turn freeing up the limits on your (capped) 4 mpd cards, allowing more spend in their own bonus categories.

4 mpd bonus offer

Simply make any spend at specified Food Delivery Merchants or Home Entertainment Merchants between now and 31st August 2021 to receive bonus Citi Miles or Citi ThankYou Points on these transactions, for a total equivalent earning of 4 mpd.

For the PremierMiles card that’s a 2.8 Citi Miles bonus per dollar spent, rounding the usual 1.2 miles up to 4 mpd.


For the Prestige card the bonus is in the form of 6.75 Citi ThankYou Points (TYP) bonus per dollar spent. This rounds the usual 3.25 TYP up to 10 TYP, which convert to airline miles at a 2.5 : 1 ratio, giving you the same effective 4 mpd earn rate.

Citi Bonus Offer

Card Usual Reward Bonus Reward   Total Earning
Citi Miles
Citi Miles
Citi Miles
Citi TYP
Citi TYP
Citi TYP

* Equivalent to 4 mpd

Bonus Citi Miles will be calculated on the amount of each eligible transaction, rounded down to the nearest Citi Mile or Citi TYP. Spend on supplementary cards is also included.

To be eligible, you must simply be a Citi PremierMiles or Prestige cardholder, including new and existing customers. New card accounts approved during the promotion period will also be eligible to receive the bonus miles.

Eligible spend categories

For your spend to qualify for 4 mpd earning between now and the end of August 2021, it will need to be at one of the specific listed merchants in the tables below, for a purchase falling under one of the specified MCC codes.

Food Delivery Merchants

Merchant MCC
Deliveroo 5812
Oddle 5499
WhyQ 5499

Home Entertainment Merchants

Merchant MCC
Disney+ 4899
Audible 5815

There are some useful merchants in the list, since we almost all use food delivery services in Singapore like Deliveroo and foodpanda, plus the entertainment category also includes the new Disney+ service, which recently launched here.



Divert spend away from 4 mpd cards

Although many of these merchants already earn 4 mpd when using a bonus miles earning credit card in Singapore, remember this Citi offer for PremierMiles and Prestige cardholders is completely uncapped, making this an ideal opportunity to divert a good chunk of spend away from those cards for the final month of the offer.

That then frees up some regular spending on your (capped) 4 mpd cards for other bonus category transactions.

For example if you already regularly spend S$500 of your monthly S$1,000 statement cap on 4 mpd transactions with the Citi Rewards card at Deliveroo and foodpanda, that means you’re normally only left with S$500 of other 4 mpd category spend to make within that statement cycle.

Moving all your food delivery spend to the Citi PremierMiles card will then give you the full S$1,000 per statement month on the Citi Rewards card for other 4 mpd spend, like general online purchases and clothes shopping.

When is the bonus credited?

Initially you’ll earn Citi Miles or Citi TYP at the basic general spend rate for these transactions, topped up by bonus miles or points later, for a total of 4 mpd (or equivalent).

The bonus Citi Miles / TYP from this promotion will be credited into your account within ten weeks from the date of each eligible transaction.

For example a S$50 Deliveroo order on 15th August 2021 using the Citi PremierMiles card will initially earn 60 Citi Miles (1.2 mpd), with the bonus 140 Citi Miles (2.8 mpd) credited by 24th October 2021, for a total of 200 Citi Miles (4 mpd) for the transaction.

Your card account must remain open and in good standing for the bonus miles to be credited.

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for this offer can be found on the Citi website, depending on which card you hold:

  • Citi PremierMiles: T&C
  • Citi Prestige: T&C

Citi Miles are very flexible

Citi has one of the widest range of frequent flyer programmes for you to transfer your points into, including British Airways, Etihad Guest, Turkish Airlines and Qantas, making these very flexible points to accrue.

Citi Miles earned through the PremierMiles card and Citi TYP earned through the Prestige card never expire while they remain in your Citi rewards account, giving you no expiry worries until you make your transfer to an airline programme.

Singapore credit card to FFP transfers

    AMEXtrans BOCtrans2 CITItrans DBStrans2 HSBCtrans2 MAYBANKtrans2 OCBCtrans2 SCtrans2 UOBtrans2
Star Alliance Star KF Logo trans
oneworld AM Logo trans    
SkyTeam Circle CItrans                
Others Circle EYtrans              

Citi also transfers to your preferred frequent flyer programme quickly compared to some other cards. In our experience of transferring Citi Miles to KrisFlyer, Avios and Asia Miles, they usually credit at the loyalty programme side within 24 hours, with a maximum wait of 2 days.

Citi Miles transfer into a range of frequent flyer programmes, including the recently improved Qatar Airways Privilege Club. (Photo: Qatar Airways)

See our recent rundown of why the Citi PremierMiles card is still our favourite general spend option in Singapore for some great examples of redemption options using partner miles.

These include Singapore to Europe in Business Class from just 45,000 miles.




Don’t waste the last month of Citi’s generous uncapped 4 mpd offer for food delivery and home entertainment spend.

Assuming you have the PremierMiles or Prestige card (or both), this gives you the benefit of diverting some bonus category transactions away from your existing 4 mpd cards with monthly spend caps, giving you more freedom to maximise those on other transactions during this period.

Registration is not required, so you can get spending straight away.

This promotion is also open to new cardholders, so it may also be time to take advantage of the PremierMiles 34,200 miles sign-up bonus on offer, running between now and 31st August 2021, or the year-round Prestige 25,000 miles welcome offer.

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