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Singapore suspends new VTL ticket sales from midnight till 20 January

Singapore is putting the brakes on its quarantine-free VTL scheme, halting new ticket sales for flights arriving between 23 December and 20 January.

Thankfully those with existing bookings, or travellers who can secure a seat by midnight, will be unaffected.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has announced that starting from 23rd December 2021 (midnight tonight), new ticket sales for designated Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) flights to Singapore operating over the next four weeks will be suspended, due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant overseas.


Most importantly, however, those who have existing bookings on these flights, or secure their bookings on them by midnight tonight, will be unaffected and can continue to travel to Singapore quarantine-free on these services during this period.

“With effect from 22 December 2021, 2359 hours (Singapore time), there will be no new ticket sales on designated VTL flights for entry into Singapore from all VTL countries until 20 January 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time).”


There will be no suspension of ticket sales on designated VTL services arriving in Singapore from 21st January 2022 onwards, however the quota is being cut by 50%.

The suspension and quota cut will also apply to those using the VTL (Land) to travel from Malaysia to Singapore across the same dates.

Long term pass holders and short term visitors with a valid VTP booked on a VTL flight will continue to be eligible for entry as they are now, in addition (of course) to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. VTP applications will not be suspended.

Transit passengers are not affected by this directive, and will continue to be able to book all designated VTL flights to transit via Singapore during this period.