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Transit passengers from Denmark and Switzerland relegated to the Changi Airport ‘holding pen’

Travellers from six of Singapore's VTL countries will now be restricted to the 'Transit Holding Area' during their layover when connecting through Changi, with Denmark and Switzerland joining the 'naughty list'.

Earlier this month we reported on the curious (and no doubt Omicron-related) addition of four VTL countries to the high-risk categorisation for transit passenger travel history through Changi Airport, with four European countries joining Category 4 countries on that list.


Since early December 2021, those with a 14-day travel history including France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK have been relegated to Changi Airport’s Transit Holding Areas (THAs) during their layover.

Additional restrictions

Effective from 23rd December 2021, two more countries have joined the ‘naughty list’:

  • Denmark
  • Switzerland

Previously, only those with a 14-day travel history including a Category 4 country were relegated to one of the THAs, though this list now also includes six VTL countries, as shown below.

Transit Freedom

  • Transiting travellers from Category 1, 2 and 3 countries (except for France, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom).

Passengers can experience facilities in the central transit area including shopping and dining options, and access lounges.