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Singapore Airlines devalues KrisFlyer miles from 5 July 2022

KrisFlyer redemptions will cost you around 8-15% more from 5th July 2022, as the airline devalues its miles for the post-COVID era.

Here's how it looks.

Navigating our way through COVID-19 without a devaluation of the KrisFlyer programme was a nice relief for most of our readers, but unfortunately the happy concept of no increases to miles rates since January 2019 was inevitably never going to last.


Around three and a half years after the last devaluation, Singapore Airlines will increase its miles redemption rates across the board for those locking in awards from 5th July 2022.

There’s a general increase from around 8% to 15% across all four cabin classes, though as before you’re afforded some breathing room when booking over the next four weeks, with current rates still available until 4th July 2022.

This also allows you to lock in current award rates for travel over the next year, right through to late June 2023, provided you have reasonably firm travel plans in mind.



Key points

Here are the main devaluation headlines this time round.

  • Economy Class Saver redemption rates have increased, despite remaining untouched in the last devaluation of January 2019.
  • Premium Economy, Business and First Class Saver awards have also increased, like they did in the last devaluation round.
  • Revised mileage rates come into effect for bookings made on or after 5th July 2022, so you still have four weeks to book at current rates.
  • Waitlist awards that clear and are booked prior to 5th July 2022 will be charged at the current rates. Those that clear on or after that date will attract the higher rates.
  • SIA partner airline award redemption rates are staying the same, for now at least.
  • Advantage awards remain the same, except for Business and First Class redemptions on longer Zone 10-13 trips to and from Singapore (i.e. Africa, the Middle East, Turkey, Europe and the USA).
  • Star Alliance awards will increase.
  • Upgrade charts, both for SIA and Star Alliance partners, also see a rate increase.
  • Only Advantage awards will be eligible for a complimentary stopover of up to 30 days from 1st August 2022. US$100 paid stopovers on other awards will be scrapped and longer stopovers on Advantage awards won’t be allowed.

Based on flights to and from Singapore:

  • Economy Saver awards are increasing for the first time in years, by around 8% to 16%.
  • Premium Economy Saver awards will also set you back around 8% to 16% more miles than before.
  • Business Class Saver awards will cost roughly 10% to 15% more. This is the biggest hit in our opinion.