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Changi Airport Terminal 4 reopening in September

Changi Airport's Terminal 4 will reopen in September. Here are the airlines and lounges you can expect to find, once the shutters are lifted.

When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, Singapore Changi Airport closed two of its four passenger terminals, starting with Terminal 2 in May 2020 followed by Terminal 4 just two weeks later, to save operating costs amid almost completely decimated passenger numbers.


A two-terminal operation has been in effect ever since, with a recent semi-revival of a small section of Terminal 2 to process peak-hour arrivals and some departures, though check-in for affected flights remains handled through Terminal 3 in the latter case.

Terminal 4 to reopen

With a significant boost in travel demand after Singapore reopened her borders to fully vaccinated travellers from around the world, and later removed all testing requirements, Changi Airport will reopen its newest facility – Terminal 4.

T4 will recommence operations in September 2022, though the exact opening date is yet to be announced, having been closed for over two years, since 16th May 2020.

“CAG will reopen T4 in September 2022 to handle both departure and arrival flights. Engagement with airlines, airport partners and potential tenants has begun to prepare for this.”

Changi Airport Group

First opened in October 2017, T4 replaced the Budget Terminal, but was home to a mixture of full-service and low-cost carriers.

Prior to COVID-19, around 490 of Changi Airport’s 3,700 weekly passenger flight departures (13%) were being handled through Terminal 4.

Changi Terminal 4 will come back to life in September 2022. (Photo: Benoy)

The terminal has 21 contact gates, four of which can accommodate wide-body aircraft, and has a design capacity for 16 million passengers annually.

The final flight to depart from Terminal 4 prior to its closure was a Korean Air service to Seoul at 01:10 on Friday 15th May 2020, though most regular passenger operations had already ceased around a month earlier, as the pandemic took hold.

Changi Airport Terminal 4 is Singapore’s newest, first opening in October 2017. (Photo: Benoy)

AirAsia, Terminal 4’s anchor tenant pre-pandemic, has welcomed the decision, with its CEO recently saying “Anytime sooner is great for us… T4 is the most ideal for our operations… we definitely want to fly more to Singapore. We have the capabilities and we want to do it as soon as possible”.


AirAsia was operating over 300 weekly departures from Changi prior to the pandemic, all of which were from T4. Around 60% of those flights have been reinstated, but are currently operating out of T1.

Which airlines are moving back?

Changi Airport has confirmed that all airlines previously operating at Terminal 4 are expected return to the facility upon its reopening in September.

Vietnam Airlines will move its operations back across to Terminal 4. (Photo: Airbus)

Here’s a list of previous T4 airlines currently operating at Changi that should therefore be moving back to the terminal from September 2022, including which terminal they are temporarily operating from.

Airlines moving back to Changi T4
(in September 2022)

Airline Current
Weekly departures
(June 2022)
AirAsia AirAsia
(AK, FD, QZ, Z2)
T1 184
Cathay_Pacific Cathay Pacific
T1 3
Cebu_Pacific_Air Cebu Pacific
T1 14
Jeju_Air Jeju Air
T1 2
Juneyao_Airlines Juneyao Airlines
T1 1
Korean_Air Korean Air
T1 12
VietJetAir VietJet
T3 32
Vietnam_Airlines Vietnam Airlines
T3 25

As you can see, practically all former T4 operators have been temporarily accommodated in T1 during the suspension of T4, with the exception of VietJet and Vietnam Airlines, which have been using T3 during the pandemic.

The reopening of the facility will therefore primarily take the strain off T1 as passenger traffic recovers in the coming months.

These 11 airlines are currently operating a total of 273 weekly departures at Changi, based on June 2022 schedules, which would represent around 56% of T4’s pre-COVID flight volumes.


There are also likely to be some progressive schedule increases from these carriers between now and September 2022, potentially adding to T4’s ‘reopening’ traffic volumes, though even before COVID-19 with around 490 weekly flights the facility was never operating anywhere near its design capacity.

Note: Air India, Air India Express and IndiGo had been slated to move to T4 on 1st May 2020, following T2’s closure, but never actually operated at the terminal, having ceased their services in mid-March 2020.

We don’t expect these airlines to move to T4 in September from their current T1 home, since they were never ‘T4 operators’.

Which airlines aren’t moving back?

The following airlines that formerly operated to and from Terminal 4 have not yet restarted passenger flights at Changi since the onset of the pandemic.

At the time of writing these carriers have also not announced any plans to fly to Singapore again by September 2022, when T4 reopens.

T4 Airlines yet to restart operations at Changi

Airline Notes
AirAsia AirAsia X
Operated 14 times weekly to Kuala Lumpur using Airbus A330s
Go Air*
Operated 4 times weekly to Bengaluru and 3 times weekly to Kolkata using Airbus A320s*
GX_Airlines GX Airlines
Operated 7 times weekly to Nanning and 7 times weekly to Lanzhou using Airbus A320s
Hainan_Airlines Hainan Airlines
Operated 3 times weekly to Haikou using Boeing 737-800s
Regent_Airlines Regent Airways
Operated 3 times weekly to Dhaka using Boeing 737-700s
Spring_Airlines Spring Airlines
Operated 7 times weekly to Shanghai using Airbus A320s
Urumqi Air
Operated 5 times weekly to Urumqi via Wuhan using Boeing 737-800s