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Spend and win with OCBC 90°N cards, including 100 easy KrisFlyer miles for all

OCBC is giving away a range of prizes to top spenders on its 90°N cards over the next two months, plus an easy 100 KrisFlyer miles for everyone.

If you’re an OCBC 90°N cardholder, the bank has a new promotion for you between now and mid-October, with prizes for top spenders including return Singapore Airlines flights to the Maldives, FIFA World Cup party boxes, Jay Chou concert tickets and various gift vouchers.

To encourage cardholders to channel their spend onto the 90°N Visa or Mastercard over the next two months, OCBC will award ‘tickets’ for every S$5 spend.


To win you’ll need to be in the group that’s accrued the highest number of tickets between now and 15th October 2022.

Unlike previous OCBC top spender deals, no registration is required this time round, so your spend is already accruing ‘tickets’ from today.

Better still, you don’t have to be too serious about participating in the campaign and still walk away with an easy 100 Travel$, which transfer 1:1 into KrisFlyer miles, by picking up only five tickets then stopping there.

  OCBC 90°N MC Spend & Win

OCBC 90°N Spend & Win 2022: Earning ‘tickets’

Between now and 15th October 2022, every S$5 you spend using your OCBC 90°N Card will earn you ticket(s), with either 1, 2 or 3 tickets awarded per S$5 spending block, depending on the transaction category.

During this promotion:

  • OCBC 90°N Visa cardholders will accrue 90°N Visa Tickets
  • OCBC 90°N Mastercard cardholders will accrue 90°N Mastercard Tickets

Spend by your supplementary cardholders is also eligible.

Tickets will be awarded based on your spend category, as outlined in the following table.

OCBC 90°N Visa / Mastercard
Ticket Earning

Spend Category 90N Visa or Mastercard Award Tickets
(per S$5 spend)
General SGD
1 Ticket
General FCY  
2 Tickets
Bonus Category  
3 Tickets
Transport Grab, Gojek, Taxi, Bus/MRT*
(MCC 4111, 4121, 4131)
Insurance (MCC 6300)
Online Shopping Lazada, Shopee
(MCC: 5262, 5311)
(MCC: 5311, 5399)
(MCC: 5399, 5699, 5262)
(MCC: 5311, 5399, 5411, 5732, 5814, 5817, 5818, 5941, 5942, 5999)
Food Delivery foodpanda, Grabfood, Deliveroo
(MCC: 5812, 5814)
(MCC: 5812)

* Bus/MRT transactions will earn tickets for every transaction, instead of per S$5 spend block

As you can see you can pick up double or triple the number of tickets during this promotion with foreign currency or bonus category spend, like Amazon, Grab or food delivery transactions.

Using your OCBC 90°N Card for Bus or MRT spend will earn you three tickets per transaction, no matter how much (or little) you spend.

Do bear in mind that this promotion is based on S$5 spending blocks (the same way OCBC rounds down for miles accrual), so for example a S$9.90 local transaction will earn 1 ticket, as will a S$5.00 one.

Eligible spend

Any retail spend you make on your OCBC 90°N card, including physical or online purchases, will be counted as eligible for the purposes of this promotion – no exclusions!

Spend must be posted to your account within the promotion period (15th August 2022 – 15th October 2022).


Do note that it can take around three days from transaction date to posting date, in case you’re planning a large purchase towards the end of the promotion period.

Both CardUp and ipaymy are eligible transactions, so larger payments like property rental or income tax might be a good way to rack up the spend, subject to your credit limit.

Don’t forget CardUp is offering a discounted fee of 1.7% to OCBC 90°N cardholders who haven’t used the service before, on a one-time payment of up to S$10,000 by 31st August 2022, so this could be a good time to use that benefit for a large payment and try to work your way up the top spenders list!

OCBC 90°N Spend & Win 2022: Mastercard prizes

OCBC 90°N Mastercard cardholders who have accumulated enough tickets during the promotion to be in the top 100 spenders will receive a gift.

Here’s how the prize breakdown looks for Mastercard members.

OCBC 90°N Mastercard
Spend & Win Gifts

(based on tickets earned)
1st – 12th place Two return tickets to the Maldives with Singapore Airlines in Economy Class
Value: S$2,200.00
13th – 50th place S$300 iShopChangi e-Voucher
Value: S$300.00
51st – 100th place S$100 Travel with OCBC voucher
Value: S$100.00

OCBC 90°N Spend & Win 2022: Visa prizes

OCBC 90°N Visa cardholders who have accumulated enough tickets during the promotion to be in the top 85 spenders will receive a gift.

Here’s how the prize breakdown looks for Visa members.

OCBC 90°N Visa
Spend & Win Gifts

(based on tickets earned)
1st – 30th place Visa FIFA World Cup Themed Party Box
31st – 35th place Two Jay Chou Concert Tickets – Category 1
Value: S$776.00
36th – 85th place S$100 Travel with OCBC voucher
Value: S$100.00

Further details and terms

Spend made on supplementary cards will be combined with that of the principal cardholder. Each eligible principal cardholder is entitled to a maximum of one gift (because each principal cardholder can only come in one place in the ranking).


Those who qualify to receive the gift will be notified by 15th December 2022. Terms and conditions of each gift will apply, full details will be sent together with the redemption letter.

Full terms and conditions for the promotion for both cards are available here:

 OCBC 90°N Mastercard Spend & Win TnC
 OCBC 90°N Visa Spend & Win TnC

5 tickets gets you 100 miles (no cap)

As part of this promotion, OCBC is giving its 90°N Visa and Mastercard cardholders an easy way to earn 100 bonus Travel$, simply for accruing five of the prize draw tickets during this promotion period, which is as simple as spending S$25 or more locally with your card, or five purchases of S$5+ locally, for example.

This element of the deal is completely uncapped and does not relate to the total number of tickets you earn during the promotion, or where you end up in the final ranking (top spenders will also get it).

You’ll be eligible 100 bonus Travel$ after collecting your first 5 tickets – simple.

Unfortunately this 100 bonus Travel$ will only be credited within two months of the end of the promotion period, which is by 15th December 2022. That’s a long time to wait for 100 miles, but hey – you may as well have them since it’s so easy to trigger!

Remember that transferring your Travel$ to KrisFlyer miles is fee-free, but do note you’ll need to convert at least 1,000 Travel$ per transfer.




It’s nearly impossible to know for sure how much you’d have to spend to be eligible for even the smallest prizes on offer (worth S$100) during this promotion, which is the main drawback of “top spender” offers like this, so you may feel that this one is not worth bothering with.

That’s especially true if you’re diverting spend away from higher-earning credit cards you hold.

However, there’s a guaranteed 100 miles bonus for collecting just five tickets during this promotion, which should be super-easy to achieve, but do note you’ll be waiting until mid-December to receive that (small) early Christmas gift!

If your OCBC 90°N card is gathering dust and you want to take part, note that you’ll earn 1.2 mpd for local spend and 2.1 mpd for foreign currency spend (based on the Mastercard version), but that transactions are rounded down to the next S$5 denomination for miles earning, adversely affecting the “real” earn rate for some smaller payments.

(Cover Photo: Robert Bye)


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