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Cambodia scraps all COVID-19 restrictions for travellers

Cambodia has restored its pre-COVID border policy, with no more pandemic-related entry restrictions, regardless of your vaccination status.

Cambodia has become the latest country in the region to ditch its COVID-19 entry restrictions for travellers, restoring travel requirements to pre-pandemic norms from 3rd October 2022, for business and leisure trips just how they used to be.


Prior to this change, travellers to Cambodia were exempt from any quarantine requirement with either a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a mandatory on-arrival antigen test for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated adults aged 17 or over, administered at a cost of US$5.

Those subject to the on-arrival test who returned a positive result and had no symptoms or mild symptoms would then be required to isolate at home or at accommodation determined by the Ministry of Health. Those with severe symptoms would be sent to a designated treatment centre.

New entry process

From 3rd October 2022, there are no longer any COVID-19 entry requirements for travellers heading to Cambodia, regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination status.

That means you no longer need to show a vaccination certificate or complete an on-arrival test when travelling to the coun