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Jetstar will remain in Terminal 1 at Changi Airport

Jetstar won't make the move to Changi Airport's Terminal 4 this month, instead remaining in its Terminal 1 hub with parent company Qantas... for now at least!

Update: Jetstar Asia (3K) has now resolved its dispute with CAG and will move to T4 along with Jetstar Australia (JQ) on 22nd March 2023.

There’s news this week from Jetstar and the Changi Airport Group (CAG) regarding the contentious issue of the carrier’s proposed move to Terminal 4 this month, with confirmation that the shift will not take place as first announced by the airport operator back in July.


Both Jetstar and CAG have now concluded “a joint study on the airline’s operations at the airport”, but have yet to finalise an agreement, according to Channel News Asia.

While this doesn’t rule out any future terminal move, it means that for now passengers departing on Jetstar flights from Changi Airport will continue to check in and be processed through Terminal 1, where the airline benefits from connectivity with several partner airlines including Qantas and Emirates.

Jetstar’s spat with CAG

On 22nd July this year, CAG confirmed that Terminal 4 would reopen on 13th September, but perhaps the most surprising part of the announcement was that long-time Terminal 1 tenant Jetstar would also be moving to the reopened facility, from late October 2022.

Jetstar Asia has been a T1 tenant since its inception in 2004. (Photo: Aero Icarus)

That news seemed to come as a surprise to Jetstar itself!

The Jetstar Group, which at Changi includes operators Jetst