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Singapore Airlines extends free Wi-Fi trial to all its aircraft

You'll now enjoy complimentary full-flight Wi-Fi when flying in Business Class on all Singapore Airlines aircraft, except the Boeing 737-800, as part of an extended trial.

Update: SIA has now made its complimentary full-flight Wi-Fi trial permanent for Business Class passengers and PPS Club members. See here for details.

Back in August 2022, Singapore Airlines launched a trial service offering complimentary full-flight unlimited Wi-Fi for Business Class passengers on selected aircraft types, a perk previously only available to those travelling in its Suites and First Class cabins.

Those flying in any cabin class on these selected Wi-Fi-equipped aircraft and also holding PPS Club or supplementary PPS Club status have also been benefitting from unlimited Wi-Fi.


This is a great perk many of our readers have been enjoying for the last three months, and the good news is the trial has now been extended further.

All aircraft are now included

For the first three months of the trial there was a snag – not everyone would benefit because the perk was only available on selected aircraft types, with an annoyingly large list of planes not included, comprising:

  • 24 Airbus A350 Medium Haul aircraft
  • 11 Airbus A380 aircraft
  • 10 of the oldest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft
  • 7 Boeing 737-800 aircraft (which don’t have Wi-Fi)

On these jets, with the exception of the 737-800s that don’t offer Wi-Fi connectivity, the standard 100MB free allowance for Business Class passengers was still enforced… until now that is.

Singapore Airlines has confirmed to Mainly Miles that the complimentary Wi-Fi in Business Class trial is now available on all aircraft, with the exception of the carrier’s seven Boeing 737-800s.

“The complimentary Wi-Fi trial in Business Class has been extended to all aircraft in our fleet, except our Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft which does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity.”

SIA spokesperson

The biggest bonus here is for the A350 MH fleet, with 24 aircraft operating to a wide range of destinations on the network, including all Brisbane and Tokyo Haneda flights, plus most Bangkok, Melbourne and Sydney services.