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London and Hong Kong Confirmed as New A380 Routes from February 2018

As expected, SQ322 to London will feature the new A380 with the latest cabin products three times a week from February 2018, with Hong Kong flights also in the mix.

The first Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Version 3 aircraft (9V-SKU with the latest configuration including the new suites and business class products) arrived in Changi in early December, and began serving the Singapore-Sydney route on a daily basis from 18th December as SQ221/SQ232. We jumped on one of the flights earlier this month to check out the latest business class offering, and it’s safe to say we were pretty impressed.

We can now confirm the second destination to be served by the next A380 (9V-SKV) with the latest cabin products, and as widely expected – it’s London Heathrow. Shortly afterwards, it’ll also feature on selected Hong Kong flights too.

SQ A380 LHR2 (Josh Hallett)
SIA fly four flights a day between Singapore and London Heathrow. From 2018, one of those flights will be on the A380 with the new cabin products. (Photo: Josh Hallett)


Though originally planned to start flying the London route on 2nd February 2018, some delays to the cabin fitting of SKV have pushed back delivery by a couple of weeks, and the newly-configured A380 Version 3 will now operate this flight three days per week from 16th February 2018. Hong Kong flights will kick off two days later on 18th February 2018, four days per week. 

They have to do it like this because, unlike Sydney, a London return flight takes up more than one aircraft, so they have to wait for the third example to be delivered (9V-SKW) to increase the schedule to daily. Hong Kong flights are shorter and can fill the ‘gaps’ while only two aircraft with the new configuration are in the fleet.


The flight number pair is SQ322 SIN-LHR returning as SQ305 LHR-SIN, switching to SQ317 LHR-SIN from 7th April 2018.

Note that the older A380 Version 1/2 aircraft will still fly these flight number pairings on the days the new aircraft does not operate. For simplicity the following schedule relates to the A380 Version 3 aircraft only (latest config with new suites and new business class).

From 16th February 2018 (LHR-SIN from 17th February 2018)
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ322 SIN2345 – LHR0555* 388 ··3·5·7
SQ305 LHR0910 – SIN0605* 388 1··4·6·

*next day

From 7th April 2018 (LHR-SIN switches to SQ317, still 3 days per week)
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ322 SIN2345 – LHR0555* 388 ··3·5·7
SQ317 LHR1125 – SIN0730* 388 1··4·6·

*next day