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Mileslife Promo – 5x miles for 4 days only

Latest promotion can earn you up to 15 miles per S$1 spent at restaurants across Singapore through Mileslife from Monday to Thursday next week.

Food Spread

There’s another Mileslife offer running next week and it’s one of their most generous yet – a 5x multiplier on all transactions (excluding gift cards and wallet top-ups). Simply pay using Mileslife between 14th May and 17th May 2018. The only snag? It’s capped at 2,000 bonus miles per day – less than their recent 4x offer which capped at 3,500 per day.

That means once you’ve hit 500 miles at regular rates (which is 2,500 miles total accrual including the bonus) you’ll revert to the standard earning levels for any spending thereafter for the rest of that day. The following day of course the counter resets and you’re good to go again.

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Stack, Stack, Stack

As you’ll probably know from our recent coverage there are a few other on-going Mileslife promotions and offers – the good news is if you’re eligible for those most of them can be stacked with this offer too.


If you’re not currently an OCBC cardholder – Mileslife are also running a sign-up bonus for the OCBC Titanium Rewards card if you apply via the form on their mobile app, which will get you a S$50 Mileslife credit upon card approval.

That’s too late to double up with this promotion but you’ll still get the additional 6 miles per S$1 spent on Mileslife regular rates up to the end of June (including wallet top-ups) so it’s a good time to consider this card.

If you already have another OCBC card but not the Titanium Rewards card yet, you’ll be eligible for a S$15 credit instead under the Mileslife link.


  • Pay with your Citi Rewards or UOB Preferred Platinum Visa card to earn an additional 4 miles per S$1. That’s on-going and subject to the annual / monthly caps set by each card issuer for their “10x” or “20x” bonus points.


When using Mileslife for dining remember to make your restaurant bookings with Chope where possible (some Mileslife restaurants are on Chope, some aren’t). We did an overview of the online restaurant booking service back in December.


You can earn 200 ‘Chope Dollars’ for every restaurant reservation using the KrisFlyer promotion code CHOPEKF, and this is a good way to accrue even more miles by combining this booking bonus with a Mileslife purchase at the end of your meal, provided your restaurant is signed up with both schemes which many are.


Effectively your 200 Chope Dollars are worth an extra 167 KrisFlyer miles (as they can be converted later, in larger batches), though arguably they are more valuable when converted to restaurant vouchers.


We mentioned the current DBS / Mileslife offer in our article last month. From now until 31st December 2018 new sign-ups will receive a 1,500 miles bonus, thereafter there’s a 50% bonus miles promotion running until the end of the year when your DBS card is used to make payment.

For this promotion you won’t be able to stack the 50% DBS bonus with the 5x miles offer – instead whichever promotion results in the higher number of miles will be credited instead.

DBS Promo

Remember the DBS sign-up bonus is better than the one you’ll get using our promo code, so if you’re new to Mileslife and are a DBS cardholder it makes more sense to sign up using this promotion – just download the app and use code 1500MILESDBS.


Let’s say you book a 3 miles per S$1 restaurant for dinner on Monday night through the Chope app using the CHOPEKF promotion code. You also set the payment card on your Mileslife app to your OCBC Titanium Rewards card.

Total bill comes to S$160. Payment is made using the Mileslife app.

Assuming you credit to KrisFlyer you’ll receive:

  • 167 miles for the Chope booking
  • 480 miles from Mileslife (regular rate)
  • 1,920 miles from Mileslife (5x bonus rate)
  • 960 miles from OCBC (Mileslife promo)
  • Total: 3,527 miles

Not bad for a S$160 dinner and the equivalent of 22 miles per S$1 spent.

Even if you don’t have the OCBC Titanium Rewards card and the restaurant you choose isn’t bookable on Chope you’re still getting 2,400 miles (15 miles per S$1 spent).

It’s not just KrisFlyer

We’ve said it before – but the beauty of most Mileslife promotions is that the bonus is not limited to KrisFlyer miles.

Most of our readers use these opportunities to top up their KrisFlyer balance but remember you can instead credit to 14 other frequent flyer programs if you wish to. Just add your account details in the app and switch to that program for the relevant transactions.

Airline Partners Apr 18
Mileslife airline partners as of May 2018

This can be a useful way to quickly top up a decent number of miles in schemes where it’s sometimes difficult to accrue points in Singapore, like British Airways Avios, Emirates Skywards and United MileagePlus, especially if you’re close to a specific redemption threshold with one of those programs.


Remember if you’re not a registered Mileslife user yet – download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store, and use code MAINLYMILES to enjoy 1,000 free bonus miles on your first payment.


It’s not just dining

Bonus miles are also applicable to the range of activities and hotel booking offers available through the Mileslife app – just remember the bonus miles are capped at 2,000 per day (on top of the regular earning) so you may hit the limit quickly especially with the hotel offers.


Most restaurant outlets offer 1 or 2 frequent flyer miles per S$1 spent, but many offer the top rate of 3 miles per S$1, meaning you’ll get 15 miles per S$1 between 14th – 17th May at those outlets.

Remember this is on top of the usual miles you’ll receive from your credit card company for the spend too, including cards with specific bonus points awarded for spending in the dining category, so this is a great opportunity to top up your balance.

Of course before you get too carried away let’s reiterate – maximum bonus (not total points) is 2,000 miles per user per day.

Check out our full article on Mileslife to see what it can do for you. Happy collecting!


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