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Earn 400 Chope-Dollars on two restaurant reservations before 31st July

Latest deal is worth $20 off for two restaurant visits between now and the end of July


We first wrote about restaurant booking service Chope back in December last year. Essentially it’s an online restaurant booking service used by many restaurants both in Singapore (over 1,000 outlets) and overseas with real-time table availability and instant booking confirmation.

Chope to KrisFlyer

It’s a timely reminder if you didn’t catch that article that for every successful (i.e. completed) Chope reservation you earn 100 of their loyalty points, known as Chope-Dollars.

Every batch of 1,200 Chope-Dollars converts into 1,000 KrisFlyer miles.

As we’ve known for a while the promotion code ‘CHOPEKF’ has been available for you to tap in before making each booking either online or through the Chope app to double your accrual to 200 Chope-Dollars per completed reservation, meaning you could accrue those 1,200 Chope-Dollars (1,000 KrisFlyer miles) for every 6 restaurant reservations.

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If your preferred restaurant accepts Chope bookings you should always take advantage to earn the Chope-Dollars, even if you know it will be no problem to secure a table without a reservation

Special Offer

KrisFlyer have a special offer running between 1st June 2018 and 31st July 2018 for each Chope user to apply code ‘CHOPEKF400’ twice during that period to earn, you guessed it, 400 Chope-Dollars per fulfilled reservation.

The reservation itself must be made in June or July but the booking can be made to dine between 1st June and 31st August 2018.

That’s your ticket to 800 Chope-Dollars with 2 reservations, or around 667 KrisFlyer miles assuming you go on to convert in larger batches of 1,200.

You can continue to use the unlimited CHOPEKF code even after using both of your bonus CHOPEKF400 ones, so for a total of 4 restaurant bookings you’ve hit 1,200 Chope-Dollars (400 + 400 + 200 + 200) – which is 1,000 KrisFlyer miles.

Chope-Dollar redemption options

Should I convert to KrisFlyer miles?

As we mentioned in our article last year, not really. Our regular readers will know we value KrisFlyer miles at about 2 cents each and usually don’t endorse ‘buying’ miles at a price point higher than that.

It’s better value to use your Chope-Dollars as vouchers or discount codes to offset future restaurant spending because they have better value when redeemed that way. Remember you don’t have to redeem your Chope-Dollars for KrisFlyer miles even if you use the KrisFlyer promo codes to earn extra points for your bookings.

  • 400 Chope-Dollars (CD) > S$10 voucher = 2.5 cents per CD
  • 700 Chope-Dollars (CD) > S$20 voucher = 2.9 cents per CD
  • 1,000 Chope-Dollars (CD) > S$30 voucher / discount code = 3.0 cents per CD
  • 1,200 Chope-Dollars (CD) > 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles (S$20 value) = 1.7 cents per CD
Chope can be used to book tables in other cities outside Singapore, we’ve used it to book in Bali for example

To go for the KrisFlyer conversion option is relatively poor value here, given that you have clearly managed to reach the 1,000 Chope-Dollar threshold and so can already extract the maximum value out of these points for dining vouchers (3 cents per CD).

You would have to value KrisFlyer miles at 3.6 cents each to reasonably justify a conversion to KrisFlyer miles and they’re just not worth that. Alternatively you might consider this if you would genuinely have no use for the dining vouchers (they do come with conditions and aren’t available for redemption at all restaurants).

This also provides an easy option to top-up your KrisFlyer balance by a relatively small amount to unlock a particular redemption threshold for a flight you with to book, in this case the ‘cost’ is significantly less relevant.

For full details of the Chope-Dollars program click here.

New Chope Users

Chope have some good offers for new users. Firstly if you sign up via the website you’ll get a welcome bonus of 100 Chope-Dollars.


Secondly if you download the mobile app you can then apply code GETAPP to earn 400 Chope-Dollars on your first app reservation.


Now you’re at a 500 Chope-Dollars starting point in your account it’s time to use the two CHOPEKF400 codes on your next two reservations, either via the app or the website. That’s a total of 1,300 Chope-Dollars for just 3 restaurant visits.


A nice boost to your Chope-Dollars balance, quadruple points for 2 reservations is effectively a S$10 voucher for each one meaning S$20 off in future.

Once you’ve used the CHOPEKF400 code twice (per person) don’t forget you can still revert to the CHOPEKF code and continue to earn 200 Chope-Dollars for unlimited subsequent reservations.

New users can also take good advantage of the sign-up bonus and first app booking bonus before moving on to these codes. Do look our for other Chope bonus offers running throughout the year too as there are often some 400 Chope-Dollar codes to be used.

We don’t think converting to KrisFlyer miles extracts the best value from Chope-Dollars but it’s an easy way to earn a decent miles boost relatively quickly, which may be useful especially if you are close to a specific redemption.

(Cover Image: Chope / Singapore Airlines)



    1. I just completed by first booking with the code last night. Here’s the question though – do you convert your Chope $ to vouchers or KrisFlyer miles?

      1. I convert my Chope$ to KF Miles.. even if rate ‘isn’t good’.. reason being, to me, they’re all “free miles”.. sure, vouchers make for better value, but I’m a bit of a ‘miles whore’, so…….

        BTW, I received an email from Chope.. “400 Chope$ for next 7 Reservations”… Tragetted? Yippee,

      2. Interesting, almost everyone I speak to who collects miles does the same with their Chope-Dollars (transfer to KF). To me it just doesn’t add up (though admittedly it is ‘easy earning’).

        Yes I got the same promotion from Chope for their 7th birthday so I don’t think it’s targeted. It’s a great way of supplementing the KrisFlyer codes so between the two offers you should get 9 reservations x 400 in total = 3,000 KrisFlyer miles.

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