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Qatar’s Qsuites are now flying daily to and from Bangkok

Qatar teased the Singapore route with a Qsuites configured plane on Friday. Bangkok is your go-to route for now though.

QSuite A350-1000 (P. Masclet - Airbus).jpg

Good news for those of you interested in experiencing what has to be one of the best business class products on offer today, Qatar’s Qsuites, the Bangkok – Doha route is currently being served daily by a Boeing 777-300ER fitted with the new product.

While there are still no plans announced for the Qsuites to serve the Singapore route this news means you can try out this fantastic looking seat every day until the end of October on flights from Thailand to the Middle East and beyond.

The schedule

The important thing to remember is that not all 777-300ERs in the Qatar fleet have Qsuites installed, which means not all Bangkok – Doha flights have the new product. The GDS timetables show that flight QR831 from Bangkok, departing around 9am (or QR830 from Doha if you’re flying back to Asia, departing around 8pm) are the flights to pick to be assured of the Qsuites.

These aircraft are Boeing 777-300ERs (’77W’s in timetable speak) with configuration 42J/312Y, which is the Qsuite aircraft. Note that this is identified from the reduced economy seating compared with the ‘regular’ Qatar 777-300ER aircraft, which are in a 42J/316Y config (some also have a 24J/388Y layout, which also means the old business seats).

Current Schedule until 27th October 2018 – Bangkok to Doha
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
QR837 BKK0235 – DOH0530 346 Daily
QR827 BKK0805 – DOH1050 788 Daily
QR831 BKK0905 – DOH1150 77W Daily
QR835 BKK2025 – DOH2310 77W Daily
QR981 BKK2035 – DOH2320 77W Daily
QR833 BKK2055 – DOH2340 388 Daily
Current Schedule until 27th October 2018 – Doha to Bangkok
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
QR834 DOH0140 – BKK1240 77W Daily
QR980 DOH0155 – BKK1255 77W Daily
QR836 DOH0225 – BKK1330 346 Daily
QR832 DOH0800 – BKK1900 388 Daily
QR826 DOH1830 – BKK0530* 788 Daily
QR830 DOH2005 – BKK0705* 77W Daily

* Next Day

The primary way to check Qsuite operation on the Qatar 777-300ER for most people is the seat map, here’s an example of how you can tell the Qsuites are installed from the ExpertFlyer seat map function.

Seat Map 77W
Qsuites are in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration (left), whereas the older business class seats are in a 2-2-2 configuration (right). Note that some Qatar Airways 777-300ERs have only rows 1-4 of business class in a 2-2-2 configuration, these are also older seats.


If Qatar’s latest business class product Qsuites is new to you – see what the airline itself has to say about it here. We’re talking private individual suites with closing doors, a double bed option in the middle and even a four person family-style suite can be configured in some middle rows.

There are also a few reviews out there, check out this one from Live and Let’s Fly and here’s another from One Mile at a Time.

QSuite 77W (Live and Let's Fly).jpg
Boeing 777 QSuites. (Photo: Live and Let’s Fly)

When will Qsuites come to Singapore?

It’s already been – aircraft A7-ALY is one of two Qatar A350-900s with QSuites and it flew to Singapore on Friday this week, breaking Changi’s Qsuites virginity for those lucky enough to be flying on QR945/946 that day.

This is not a consistent operation however, more of a last-minute aircraft swap. Qatar continues to operate three Airbus A350-900 flights to Singapore from Doha each day with the older configuration. Generally the two reconfigured A350-900 aircraft are currently deployed on Doha to London Heathrow and Frankfurt services.

QSuite A350-1000 (Airbus)
Qsuites on the A350. (Photo: Airbus)

Where else are Qsuites flying?

Based on the flights operated by aircraft now fitted with Qsuites (comprising 11 Boeing 777-300ERs, 2 A350-900s and 1 A350-1000) over the last 7 days here is the list of places currently being served with this new product:

  • Amsterdam (QR273/274)
  • Bangkok (QR830/831)
  • Bengaluru (QR573/574)
  • Chicago (QR725/726)
  • Colombo (QR668/669)
  • Dhaka (QR640/641)
  • Frankfurt (QR67/68, QR69/70)
  • Houston (QR713/714)
  • Istanbul (QR239/240)
  • Kuwait City (QR1082/1083, QR1088/1089)
  • London Heathrow (QR1/2, QR5/6, QR7/8, QR15/16)
  • Mumbai (QR556/557)
  • Muscat (QR1136/1137)
  • New York (QR701/702)
  • Rome (QR115/116, QR131/132)
  • Shanghai (QR870/871)
  • Singapore (QR945/946) don’t get excited – it was a one off!
  • Tehran (QR482/483, QR498/499)
  • Washington (QR707/708)

Note that this doesn’t necessarily represent consistent / daily operation on these routes (we don’t have time to check that!), but acts as a guide for you to potentially help continue your journey from Doha with the Qsuites product.

Miles and points

Finally, here’s a table showing how many miles or points you’ll need to redeem a Qsuites seat between Bangkok and Doha with a variety of frequent flyer programs.

Qatar Qsuites redemption Bangkok-Doha
FFP used Business
QRtrans.png 67,500
Asia 50,000
AVIOStrans.png 60,000
QFF.png 53,000
AAtrans 40,000

The Qatar Privilege Club suffered a recent sudden shock devaluation, increasing the miles rates significantly on many of their routes. You’ll get the best rates using another frequent flyer program to redeem the Qatar Qsuites on this route, such as American Airlines AAdvantage or Asia Miles.



These aren’t the first flights to and from Asia to feature Qsuites, they’ve appeared on Seoul (which later transferred to Shanghai), and as we mentioned in our post on the new Cathay A350-1000 routes they have been sporadically appearing on Bangkok flights as early as last month.

Qatar A350-1000 (Airbus).jpg
Qatar’s new A350-1000 aircraft are all fitted with the Qsuites, as are some A350-900s and 777-300ERs. (Photo: Airbus)

Now that the product is featuring even day for the next few months on one of the Bangkok flight pairings this is a much more convenient opportunity for our Singapore-based readers to experience this great new business class seat. We may even be tempted to make the hop up to Thailand to try it out for ourselves.

(Cover Photo: Airbus)



  1. Hi Andrew,

    Just to confirm that the flight numbers indicated in the list above to these specific destinations will be flying on the Qsuites? SeatGuru is still showing the older 2-2-2 seatmap for QR830/831.

    1. Hi Sasha yes these flights are definitely Qsuites now – I could be very impolite about SeatGuru for many reasons but suffice to say they are not a good source for this kind of info!

      You need a GDS source like ExpertFlyer to confirm configuration and aircraft types allocated to routes. SeatGuru doesn’t even appear to have a QR 777-300ER with Qsuites seat map for example (there are 11 in service!), so how they could show it accurately is anyone’s guess!

      Hope it helps and enjoy Qsuites if you’re going to try it!

      1. Awesome news. Thanks for the prompt reply! Yes, I’ve been losing faith with SeatGuru lately with all these new aircrafts being introduced 🤨 Don’t have ExpertFlyer currently, so the rest of those in the list, like QR668/669 from Colombo is also on Qsuites? Tried researching online, seems like there’s different 77W planes being rotated for QR668/669….

      2. No problem. Yes be careful with the full list of cities, that’s just where the Qsuites have appeared in the last 7 days for reference.

        I don’t have time unfortunately to check how ‘permanent’ any of those are but the QR669 CMB-DOH isn’t getting the Qsuites again until 2nd Jul, 4th Jul & 7th Jul according to GDS for example (previous day in each case for QR668 DOH-CMB).

        Hope it helps!

  2. Thks again. Really useful info. How about on 26 Dec? Will 669 get the QSuite? Sorry to ask so much. 😅

    Btw love the detailed well-researched writing style. One of the better ones and really lots of informative nuggets for us in this part of the world. Gives readers the extra edge 👍🏽

      1. Ah no worries. Appreciate it much. That’s what I was afraid of. Maybe they put it on another US/UK route. Thks again Andrew.

  3. Oh wow, finally the QSuites is coming to our side of the globe! Wish I’d known earlier, just burned all my Qmiles so that I can try QSuites next spring haha. Thanks for keeping us informed through your blog, I always refer to your updates on routes and aircraft types, and enjoyed the piece on premium cabin plying short haul routes very much. Thank you!

  4. Hi Andrew, any word on if they will extend Bangkok beyond October? I am hoping to fly Doha to Bangkok in December and see that flight 830 has reverted back to the old config on the 777. It’s a shame as that would definitely be more of peak season to fly to BKK so surprised it’s like that. Thanks!

    1. Hi Steve,

      Actually Qatar already extended QR830/831 Qsuite operation right through to March 2019 as per our article here.

      I have taken another look in GDS and noticed that from 1st to 7th December 2018 an older config 777-300ER has been rostered for that 7-day period alone, returning to ‘regular’ Qsuite config on 8th December. Is this the period you are flying? If so I’m sorry to say that’s really unlucky for you.

      1. Oh goodness – that is precisely the period of time. What a bummer. I will see if I can either leave earlier or later. Thanks for your info and for orienting me to the article.

      2. Hi Nina,

        As there have been a couple of messages like this lately I have checked the latest QR830/831 configurations, previously Qsuite equipped throughout the northern winter season, and found that an older aircraft without Qsuites will now operate on:


        Qsuite operation then appears to be extended on these flight numbers from 31Mar onwards into the summer season.

        Sorry for the disappointment!

  5. Hi Andrew, Do you know if 42J/316Y is a qsuite fitout? I am flying JHB to DOH and would like to be on a qsuite flight in business.

    1. 42J/312Y is the Qsuite layout on the 777-300ER, so it appears you have the older 2-2-2 config. If you let me know the date and flight number I can check for sure.

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