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Standard Chartered credit cards extend Grab discount to December; introduce Amazon Prime deal

15% off Grab rides when you pay with your Standard Chartered credit card through 31st December, capped at $30 a month. $10 monthly Amazon Prime cashback sweetens the deal.

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

Grab SCR

Yesterday afternoon Standard Chartered extended their watered down ride-sharing discounts for their credit card customers with Grab until 31st December 2018. A widely anticipated move as Standard Chartered solidifies its newfound relationship with the ride-sharing monopoly after the untimely local demise of its previous partner, Uber.

This is also a welcome piece of good news for Grab who have struggled for positive PR following their huge no-notice devaluation and subsequent refusal to bow (meaningfully) to public pressure with changes to their GrabRewards program in Singapore.

What’s the deal?

Riders now earn 15% cashback (reduced from 20%) on all Grab rides. Sounds great right? Unfortunately, since it transferred from Uber to Grab, the cap on the cashback was slashed from S$50 to S$30. The minimum spend on your card to trigger the discount remains at S$900 in the same calendar month.

This means that Standard Chartered credit card holders should channel at least the first S$200 of Grab ride spending each month towards these cards before considering other options (15% cashback is better than any miles-earning rate you’ll achieve).

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Standard Chartered credit card holders will also be eligible for upgrade to Platinum status in the GrabRewards program, though this time you’ll have to hold one of the following credit cards to qualify:

  • SC Visa Infinite
  • SC Visa Signature
  • SC Mastercard World

Simply charge four GrabCar and/or GrabCar (Premium) rides through the Grab App to one of the above cards between 1st August 2018 and 31st October 2018.

The Platinum Tier Status will be valid until 31st December 2018, after which you must meet the minimum of 4,500 GrabRewards points required to maintain Platinum Tier Status. For full details about points earning and status tiers in the GrabRewards program, click here.


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