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SIA’s final 3-class 777-300ER has left service

The refit process for the last Singapore Airlines 777-300ER with 2006 cabin products is underway, finally ensuring a common configuration for these aircraft across the fleet

SQ 77W J (MM)

It happened a couple of months later than planned, but finally on 23rd December 2018, 9V-SWT, Singapore Airlines’ last remaining 3-class Boeing 777-300ER with the older 2006 cabin products, landed back into Changi following a service from Shanghai to undergo its cabin refit in the hangar.

When it emerges, probably sometime next month, it will feature the 2013 First and Business Class seats, a Premium Economy section, updated Economy Class seats, and will be Wi-Fi enabled.

This brings the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER fleet to a common interior configuration, Version 2, with immediate effect. That’s good news as it means there will no longer be any need to fear the older seats when you book flights or award tickets on this aircraft type, the largest single fleet in the airline totalling 27 aircraft.

Pro-tip: Remember in lots of flight schedules the Boeing 777-300ER is referred to as ’77W’ or ‘B77W’. Don’t be confused by the 777-300 (‘773’ or ‘B773’), which has the older seats.

Why did it take so long?

We mentioned this refit finishing two months later than scheduled, but actually that statement was only based on the most recent plan. The whole project is actually winding up over 2 years late, with the airline first promising (rather optimistically) to complete the refits on these jets by September 2016.

Refitting 19 aircraft in 20 months, as SIA first proposed, was probably a t