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Mileslife offering 5x KrisFlyer miles for 5 weeks

Earn up to 15 KrisFlyer miles per dollar with Mileslife, capped at 1,000 bonus miles. After that, get up to 8mpd at 16 restaurants in Singapore.

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

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Mileslife, the dining and lifestyle app that allows you to earn frequent flyer miles as you spend at a wide range of merchants in Singapore and beyond, has launched its first major bonus promotion for 2019.

It’s good news for KrisFlyer miles collectors, with 5 times the usual miles rate applicable between now and 28th February 2019, meaning you can get 15 miles per dollar at many dining outlets before accounting for miles earned for the payment itself.


The offer

You can achieve 15 miles per dollar by spending at 3 miles per dollar Mileslife merchants.

Running between now and 28th February 2019, the first thing to note is that the offer is capped in two ways:

  • The bonus miles are capped at 1,000 miles per user.
  • There is an overall bonus miles award ‘pool’ of 5 million KrisFlyer miles. If that runs out before the end of the promotion, the offer will cease.

You can check on the Mileslife app how many miles are left in the ‘pool’ in real-time.

Check the offer page on the Mileslife app to see how many of the 5 million miles set aside for this promotion are still available

The bonus is also applicable for shopping transactions, however gift card purchases and Mileslife credit top-up transactions are not eligible to receive bonus miles.

Simply select your KrisFlyer account when making an eligible Mileslife payment and the bonus will be automatically applied. If you’ve reached the cap, it will show you.


Does it combine with 8mpd restaurants?

Unfortunately not, and quite understandably as that would be 40 miles per dollar earn rate! You’d reach your 1,000 bonus miles cap very quickly in that case anyway, after spending only S$31.25 in many cases.

The terms and conditions of this 5x miles deal specify that any overlapping promotions, like the 8 miles per dollar restaurant selection for January (presumably there will also be one for February) cannot be combined and only the promotion that yields the highest miles accumulation will take effect.

Which restaurants are offering 8mpd this month?

It might not take you long to hit your individual 1,000 miles bonus cap with this promotion (a spend of around S$84 at a 3 miles per dollar merchant will do it), so the 8 miles per dollar restaurant list for January might then be of interest to you.

8mpd Jan19.jpg

We noticed it’s quite an extensive selection compared to previous months with 16 participating restaurants in January. All are advertised as 8mpd, but we’ve checked which ones don’t include GST for miles earning (meaning you actually earn 7.4mpd) and which don’t include GST and service charge for earning (meaning you actually earn 6.8mpd).

All those rates remain good of course, and don’t account for your credit card points on top for the spend itself.

Restaurant Exclusions Earn rate
Redpan GST
G Bar & Grill GST
Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House @ Stevens 8.0mpd
Gattopardo GST
Firebake 8.0mpd
Nayana Kpop 8.0mpd
Akira Back GST
Kan Sushi 8.0mpd
Moa Tiki 8.0mpd
The Hungry Caveman 8.0mpd
Big & Small Restaurant 8.0mpd
Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill GST
ChengDu 8.0mpd
La Brasserie GST
The Courtyard GST
Jade GST

Note also that at G Bar & Grill drinks and beverages are not eligible spend for miles earning through Mileslife. At La Brasserie, The Courtyard and Jade, alcoholic drinks are not eligible spend.

Those categories can have a big impact, and the miles per dollar earn rates above don’t account for that at those restaurants as it’s impossible to know what proportion of your bill they would make up.


Which card to use?

Remember the miles you earn though the Mileslife app are in addition to the regular points you’ll get by paying for your purchase using a miles earning credit card.

If you have the UOB PPV card, it earns 4 miles per dollar for Mileslife transactions, increasing your total earn rate to 19 miles per dollar in some cases under this offer. Here’s how some of the top miles earning cards in Singapore stack up when used on Mileslife:

  • UOB PPV – 4.0mpd
  • BOC Elite Miles – 1.5mpd
  • Standard Chartered Visa Infinite – 1.4mpd
  • UOB PRVI Miles – 1.4mpd

New to Mileslife?

While this promotion is focused on KrisFlyer members, Mileslife is an excellent way to supplement your annual miles and points accrual with 16 different partner airline frequent flyer schemes, also including British Airways Avios, Avianca Lifemiles and Emirates Skywards.

Airline Partners Jan 19.jpg
Mileslife airline partners – January 2019

It’s not just for our Singapore readers either, Mileslife can also be used in Hong Kong, Bangkok and several cities in mainland China. There are also region-specific offers, like 2x Avios and 5x Fortune Wings Club deals currently running in Hong Kong.

You can download the app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. There were some 1,500 miles sign-up bonuses with a couple of Singapore banks running until the end of 2018, but these appear to have finished so we can now recommend our own code for you.

Use our sign-up code MAINLYMILES and you’ll get a 1,000 miles bonus the first time you spend S$49+ with Mileslife.



A nice offer to easily boost your KrisFlyer balance by 1,000 miles between now and the end of February. Keep an eye on the total number of miles remaining through the Mileslife app as you may need to act before the end of the promotion if the award ‘pool’ is running low.

Even if today’s KrisFlyer miles devaluation is weighing on your mind, Mileslife runs other promotions through the year and the generous 8 miles per dollar at selected Singapore restaurants, which now seems to be a recurring offer each month, can be credited into any of 15 other frequent flyer programs.



  1. If you have the UOB PPV card, it earns 4 miles per dollar for Mileslife transactions, increasing your total earn rate to 19 miles per dollar in some cases under this offer >>> in which cases in you can point out ? pretty sure it doesnt give you 4mpd

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