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Standard Chartered cuts EasyBill fee to 1.9%

Standard Chartered has cut its EasyBill fee to 1.9%. Buy miles from 1.36 cents each.


It’s hard to keep up with the latest offers for bill and tax payments lately. Just last week we waited for CardUp and ipaymy to reveal their 2020 income tax payment deals before writing an extensive analysis on the best way to settle your IRAS bill this year.

Earlier today Citi started offering 25% more miles for income tax payments through its PayAll facility using your PremierMiles card, and now it’s Standard Chartered introducing an improved deal for those using its SC EasyBill service.


SC EasyBill

EasyBill is a way for Standard Chartered’s credit card customers to earn the usual rewards points or cashback for outgoings not usually allowing credit card payments, like rental payments and education expenses.

EasyBill Logo

Here are the available payment categories:

  • Rent
    Payments towards the monthly rental amount specified in a tenancy agreement as entered into between you and your landlord.
  • IRAS
    Payments made towards the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore for individual tax or property tax purposes.
  • Insurance
    Insurance premium payments due towards any insurance policies including health insurance, motor insurance, life insurance, foreign domestic worker insurance and travel insurance.
  • Education
    Payments towards any educational service like school fees, university fees, polytechnic fees, fees related to training institutes, for enrichment centres and day cares, pertaining to extracurricular activities (e.g. dance, music, painting, cookery, yoga, gardening, language programmes), fees for hobbies, for any sports activity involving an instructor, and tuition fees.

EasyBill Options

SC EasyBill still only supports one-time payment requests and not recurring payments. We had hoped that would change since it’s especially inconvenient for rent