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Scoot cuts more flights from its June schedule

Scoot has scaled back its June 2020 schedule even further, but overall the low-cost carrier will still fly 46% more services this month

Scoot 787

If you’ve been following news of Scoot’s schedule changes lately, you’ll know it became the first SIA Group airline to announce it was scaling up its flights after the COVID-19 low points of April and May 2020, more than doubling its proposed schedule in June 2020 compared to the preceding month and adding four destinations in the process.

Flights were re-launched to Guangzhou in Mainland China and to Ipoh, Kuching and Penang in Malaysia, with the latter three marking the reintroduction of the airline’s Airbus A320 to regular passenger services for the first time since late March 2020.

Initial reductions

Within a couple of weeks the expanded schedule was starting to look a little ambitious, with the airline trimming some flights to its three Malaysian destinations practically before they had even started.

Out of 108 flights originally proposed for June 2020, the airline had effectively already cut back to 94 services, though that was still 80% more than it would have been operating had it retained its May 2020 schedule.

Further cuts

In a schedule update on 12th June 2020, Scoot confirmed it would be making further reductions to its passenger services for the month.

Compared to the initial timetable, there will now be fewer flights to and from Ipoh, Kuching, Penang and Perth, the latter seeing its first reduction since services to the Western Australia capital were restarted in April 2020.

Here’s how the total services now look, compared to Scoot’s original plan for the month.

City Original Plan New Plan
Guangzhou 8 flights 8 flights
Hong Kong 26 flights 26 flights
Ipoh 16 flights 7 flights
Kuching 16 flights 8 flights
Penang 16 flights 5 flights
Perth 26 flights 22 flights
Total 108 flights 76 flights

The changes are:

  • Ipoh: Reduction from twice weekly (16 flights) to once weekly from 14th June (7 flights)
  • Kuching: Reduction from twice weekly (16 flights) to once weekly (8 flights)
  • Penang: Reduction from twice weekly (16 flights) to once weekly from 21st June (5 flights)
  • Perth: Reassignment of TR17 PER-SIN Friday flights to cargo-only, reducing overall passenger service on t