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Kris+ shifting exclusively to mobile wallet payments for miles earning

Bad news for UOB PPV or VS cardholders with the latest upcoming shift to exclusive in-app payments via Kris+, but most miles earners will still benefit from double-dipping.

Back in mid-June, Singapore Airlines’ lifestyle app Kris+ added in-app payments for purchases at practically all its partner merchants, allowing users to use Visa or Mastercard credit cards saved to their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets to instantly make their in-store purchases.

Kris+ even launched a generous 3X earning offer to promote the new payment method, though in fact it didn’t matter how you paid during the deal – the bonus miles were credited anyway!

The facility also allows more seamless use of KrisPay miles to make payment, either in full or via part miles / part cash, though of course using KrisPay miles to make purchases remains terrible value, unless they are stuck in the app and can’t be transferred to KrisFlyer miles.