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Stack KrisFlyer promos to score Elite Gold status by converting 220,000 credit card miles

With two stackable promotions running side-by-side, KrisFlyer members can unlock Elite Gold status with a transfer of 220,000 miles from credit card points between now and 22 November.

Earlier this year Singapore Airlines launched its “Unlock Status Credits without Flying” campaign, allowing KrisFlyer and PPS Club members to accrue Elite miles or PPS value to retain or upgrade their status level within each programme through a variety of on-ground accrual options.


One of the interesting options for achieving this during that ongoing campaign, which runs until 28th February 2022, is the ability to earn KrisFlyer Elite Gold status by transferring miles from credit card points, with a 250,000-mile transfer enough to go from zero Elite miles as a basic member to KFEG in one go.

(Image: Singapore Airlines)

That left many of our readers with a dilemma though.

Less than six months earlier, KrisFlyer had been offering a 15% transfer bonus for miles conversions, but that had ended by the time the unlock status campaign kicked off.

Should members transfer at the regular rate and achieve a status upgrade, or wait for another 15% bonus transfer offer to come around for the additional miles?

Travel options were also looking a lot less certain at the time than they do today, potentially limiting the value of a status upgrade.

Both campaigns are now running

The good news this week is that KrisFlyer is back with its 15% bonus offer when you transfer at least 50,000 miles per transaction from credit card points into the programme (or 12% bonus for individual conversions of 10,000-49,999 miles), with no upper cap.

(Image: Singapore Airlines)

Even better news with both promotions running side-by-side – they stack with each other!

That means the original route from zero Elite miles as a basic member to KrisFlyer Elite Gold status is now achievable with a transfer of 220,000 miles from credit card points, because you’ll earn Elite miles on both the main transfer and the bonus element.



KrisFlyer Elite Gold benefits

Most of our readers interested in stacking these two campaigns will be doing so to obtain KrisFlyer Elite Gold tier status, equivalent to Star Alliance Gold membership.

Back in April it was probably a strange time to strive for this, with status only lasting one year and travel remaining very uncertain, however we’re now seeing many options opening up with the Vaccinated Travel Lanes, including quarantine-free trips to Europe and the USA.


Additionally, many people will be able to defer the start of this status level to late 2021 or even early 2022, thanks to the generous timeframe for this campaign.

Here’s the full suite of applicable benefits for the ‘KFEG’ tier.

KrisFlyer Elite Gold benefits

  • 25% tier bonus on actual miles flown with Singapore Airlines and SilkAir
  • Complimentary ‘Forward Zone’ and ‘Standard’ seat selection when you fly in Economy Class on Singapore Airlines or SilkAir
  • 15% discount on other seat selection fees
  • 10% discount on seat selection fees for travel companions on the same booking
  • Priority reservation waitlist
  • Airport lounge access (KrisFlyer Gold Lounge at Changi Airport, SilverKris lounges outside Singapore and Star Alliance Gold Lounges worldwide)
  • Priority airport check-in
  • Priority security and immigration at selected airports
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Priority airport standby
  • Additional 20kg baggage allowance
  • Priority boarding for Economy Class
  • Waived or discounted KrisFlyer service fees

Don’t forget, the future KrisFlyer Gold lounge at Changi T3 is currently the temporary SilverKris facility, which will be a great upgrade for KFEG members going forward once it becomes their dedicated lounge, including its own restrooms and showers.

For those less familiar, here are our picks of the major KFEG highlights (click to expand).

Seat selection benefits

Before you've even stepped out of your home for your trip, Singapore Airlines will allow you to choose any available 'Forward Zone' and 'Standard' seats in Economy Class for free as a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member, saving you up to US$35 per flight on the airline's longest services.

You'll also get a 15% discount on the selection fees for Extra Legroom Seats in both Economy and Premium Economy Class. This also applies to 'Solo' seats in Premium Economy on non-stop Airbus A350ULR flights to and from the USA.

Advance selection of extra legroom seats in Premium Economy comes at a 15% discount for KrisFlyer Elite Gold members. (Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Your travelling companions on the same booking will also get a 10% discount on seat fees, even if they are not KrisFlyer members.

Additional baggage allowance
Priority check-in

An extra 20kg of baggage allowance, or an extra piece of luggage up to 23kg on USA flights, can be a very useful benefit of KrisFlyer Gold status.

This lifts your check-in limit to at least 50kg in Economy Class, 55kg in Premium Economy, 60kg in Business Class and 70kg in First Class or Suites.

You will also benefit from priority check-in across the SIA network, which in our experience varies from being a dedicated desk, or a shared KrisFlyer Gold / Premium Economy or Business Class desk, depending on the airport.

When flying on a Star Alliance carrier, you'll also be eligible to use the dedicated Star Alliance Gold check-in desk, where available.

(Photo: MainlyMiles)

Lounge access

The primary benefit of KrisFlyer Elite Gold status, which is equivalent to the Star Alliance Gold tier, is lounge access when flying in Economy or Premium Economy Class with Singapore Airlines, SilkAir or a Star Alliance carrier.

(Photo: Singapore Airlines)

Note that the KrisFlyer Gold lounge at Changi Airport is currently closed due to COVID-19. Eligible KrisFlyer Elite Gold members are instead invited to the SilverKris Business Class lounge during this period.

Unfortunately the overseas SilverKris lounge network has already been trimmed from 13 to 10 due to COVID-19, with SIA's lounges in Adelaide, Delhi and Kuala Lumpur now permanently closed.

Priority security and boarding

At several airports worldwide, Star Alliance Gold status entitles you to use the 'Gold Track' priority security clearance lanes.

You'll also get priority boarding when travelling in Premium Economy or Economy Class, which can be useful for securing prime overhead locker space on busy flights.

Priority baggage handling

As your trip comes to an end, you should find your checked baggage is prioritised to reach the reclaim belt in one of the first batches as a KrisFlyer Elite Gold member, though actual experience with this does vary!

Other benefits

  • Shangri-La Golden Circle Gold status, with fast track to Jade membership when you stay for one night (on a qualifying rate) at any Shangri-La Hotel and Resort, Kerry Hotel, Traders Hotel or Hotel Jen worldwide.
  • Complimentary upgrade from Standard Class to Business First Class on Heathrow Express trains.
  • Waived or discounted service fees, including changing your redemption nominees for free.

What you’ll be able to achieve

First thing to note is that the retention and upgrade offers are only intra-programme.

That’s to say a KrisFlyer member cannot jump to PPS Club status under this promotion, since they cannot earn additional PPS Value with these new options (including bank points transfers). Promotion from KrisFlyer into the PPS Club will continue to be based on PPS Value earned from revenue flights.

Singapore Airlines is offering the following possibilities for members to renew or upgrade their status tiers.

Options for KrisFlyer members

Current Status Tier Your Options Elite Miles Required
KrisFlyer KrisFlyer Elite Silver
KrisFlyer Elite Gold
KrisFlyer Elite Silver KrisFlyer Elite Silver
KrisFlyer Elite Gold
KrisFlyer Elite Gold KrisFlyer Elite Gold

As you can see, even if you don’t currently hold any status in the KrisFlyer programme you can upgrade to the Elite Silver or Elite Gold tier with 25,000 or 50,000 Elite miles via this promotion.

Unfortunately KrisFlyer Elite Silver (KFES) doesn’t really get you much, so it’s the upgrade to Gold most of our readers will be eyeing here.

KFES has no priority check-in, no complimentary lounge access, no priority boarding, not even an extra baggage allowance! It’s a complete waste of time.

Options for PPS Club members

Current Status Tier Your Options PPS Value Required

PPS Club

PPS Club

PPS Club Solitaire

PPS Club Solitaire

PPS Club Solitaire

For those looking at stacking these two campaigns to upgrade from PPS Club to Solitaire status, that’s also possible if they can hit 50,000 PPS Value, but it will require a transfer of twice as many credit card points to achieve.

Bonus status credits with credit card points transfers

Between now and 22nd November 2021, any transfer of at least 10,000 KrisFlyer miles (per individual conversion) from credit card points into KrisFlyer miles will earn a 12% or 15% bonus on the usual transfer amount.

  • Earn 12% bonus miles when you convert between 10,000 to 49,999 miles in a single qualifying transaction; or
  • Earn 15% bonus miles when you convert 50,000 miles or more in a single qualifying transaction.

Bonus KrisFlyer miles awarded under this campaign will also be eligible for the accrual of status credits (PPS Value or Elite miles as applicable) under the KrisFlyer “Unlock Status Credits without Flying” campaign.

All major banks in Singapore support conversion into KrisFlyer, as shown below.

Banks supporting transfers to KrisFlyer in Singapore

When you convert your bank or credit card reward points into KrisFlyer miles, you’ll earn 1 Elite mile for every 5 KrisFlyer miles transferred as a KrisFlyer member or 1 PPS Value for every 10 KrisFlyer miles transferred as a PPS Club member.

Transfers are recognised from all of KrisFlyer’s global bank partners (see the full list here), so this is a great option for those based outside Singapore too.

You’ll have to transfer a minimum of 10,000 KrisFlyer miles per conversion for it to be counted, but you’ll receive status credits for all of them combined.

Status credits from credit card points transfers

Method KrisFlyer PPS Club
Convert bank points to KrisFlyer miles 1 Elite mile
per 5 miles
1 PPS Value
per 10 miles
Note: Min. 10,000 KF miles per transfer

Convert Citi, DBS or UOB points to KrisPay miles
1 Elite mile
per 5 miles
1 PPS Value
per 10 miles

Those bonus Elite miles / PP