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Amex KrisFlyer cards earn up to 3.3 mpd on Kris+ till 2 March

Register your Amex KrisFlyer credit card to earn up to 3.3 mpd on Kris+ spend until March 2022, plus up to 9 mpd from Kris+ itself.

American Express has a new bonus miles earning offer for its KrisFlyer co-brand cardholders between now and early March 2022, offering an additional 2 miles per dollar on top of your card’s usual earn rate when you make payments to over 280 retail stores via the Singapore Airlines Kris+ app.

The deal is limited to the first 8,000 successful enrolments, so it’s worth saving this offer to your card now if you wish to take advantage.

The promotion runs from 3rd December 2021 to 2nd March 2022.

Bonus KrisFlyer miles for Kris+ transactions

Simply find the offer on the Amex mobile app and save it to your card, then spend in-app at Kris+ merchants using your Amex Singapore Airlines co-brand card.

The card will have to be saved in your mobile wallet to be used on Kris+ (this is now the only way to pay and therefore earn miles through the Kris+ app anyway).


Here are the revised earn rates applicable for Kris+ spend during the promotion.

Bonus KrisFlyer Miles for Kris+ Spend