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Singapore Airlines extends Bonus Flight Credits validity to December 2022

Opted for Bonus Flight Credits instead of a cash refund for your cancelled Singapore Airlines trip?

You've now got until the end of 2022 to redeem them.

Despite Singapore reopening its borders to fully vaccinated travellers from all countries in April this year, and a complete removal of COVID-19 testing for those arriving here from later the same month, there are still limited travel opportunities when heading to some countries, including China, Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan.


Singapore Airlines is therefore making a further concession to those holding credits for future travel, in case they haven’t been able to make a booking yet, or wish to travel in the second half of 2022.

Bonus Flight Credits extended

Many of our readers took advantage of Singapore Airlines’ travel waiver policy between March 2020 and March 2021, enticed by the offer launched in April 2020 to retain their ticket values as flight credits for future travel, with the airline sweetening the deal by offering a bonus credit of up to S$500 for each passenger.

Here’s a breakdown of the bonus that was offered, based on your booked travel class.

Bonus Flight Credits