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Singapore Airlines has completed its 6th Airbus A380 cabin refit

Singapore Airlines now has a total of 11 Airbus A380s featuring the latest cabin products, which means we should have at least two new superjumbo routes to look forward to soon.

The end of SIA’s cabin retrofit programme for its flagship Airbus A380 fleet is finally in sight, with the sixth refit of the carrier’s superjumbos now completed and pending a return to the operating fleet, leaving only one final refit to go.


After the final one is done, 12 of these aircraft will ply the network with the latest Suites and Business Class products in the years ahead.

Earlier today (7th October 2022) 9V-SKQ undertook its post-modification test flight at Changi, having returned from storage in Alice Springs back in February 2021.

9V-SKQ’s 1 hour 45 minute test flight at Changi earlier today

With an additional superjumbo soon at its disposal, and a withdrawal of the type from one of its existing routes in less than two months from now, the question is where’s next for the popular aircraft and its latest cabin products.

SIA’s Airbus A380 fleet

Singapore Airlines brought its A380s back into service back in November 2021, with a series of flights to and from Kuala Lumpur to get the crew back up to speed on the aircraft, followed by a return to the London route, where the flights benefitted from Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) status on their way back to Singapore.

Here’s the status of SIA’s 12 A380s returning to service post-COVID, including the 10 that are already actively flying again.

Singapore Airlines A380 Fleet
(as of 7th October 2022)

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