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OCBC Voyage offering 30,000 miles sign-up bonus, with $2,500 spend

Get a 30,000 miles welcome bonus when signing up for the OCBC Voyage card between now and the end of March 2023, with a spend of S$2,500.

OCBC is offering a new welcome bonus for those signing up for its Voyage card between now and the end of March 2023, with 30,000 miles credited to your account on payment of the first year annual fee, plus a minimum spend of S$2,500 in the first month.


That’s not quite as good as a recent 30,000 miles bonus with no minimum spend, which was offered between 1st October and 30th November 2022, but has unfortunately since ended.

Normally this card offers a 15,000 miles sign-up bonus, so the 30,000 miles bonus with S$2,500 spend is still a great opportunity if you were on the fence about signing up, effectively ‘buying’ miles for 1.64 cents each (assuming you have S$2,500 spend to make anyway), even if you place no value on the card’s other perks.

To qualify you’ll simply have to be new to the OCBC Voyage card as a principal cardholder, or have cancelled your last OCBC Voyage card as principal cardholder at least three months prior to your new application.

Those holding other OCBC credit cards, like the Titanium Rewards, or who are supplementary OCBC Voyage cardholders, are eligible as new principal Voyage cardholders.


The non-waivable annual fee of S$492.50 (including GST) must be paid.

How it works

You will qualify to receive 30,000 Voyage Miles (transferable to 30,000 KrisFlyer miles) provided you:

  • Apply during the promotion period of 1st February 2023 to 31st March 2023.
  • Make an eligible spend of S$2,500 by the end of the first full calendar month of approval (e.g. if your card account opening date is 15th February 2023, the qualifying spend period will be from 15th February 2023 to 31st March 2023).
  • Pay the annual fee of S$492.50 (inclusive of GST).

If you do not meet the eligible spend of S$2,500 in the first full calendar month, you will instead be eligible for the card’s year-round 15,000 Voyage Miles sign-up bonus, on payment of the annual fee.


The 30,000 bonus miles (or 15,000 miles if you don’t hit the spend threshold) will be credited your card account within three months of the end of your qualifying spend period (e.g. by 30th June 2023, in the above example for a card approved on 15th February 2023).

Qualifying spend

Eligible spend for the S$2,500 you’ll need to clock to maximise this promotion refers to any retail transaction (including face-to-face or online purchases) excluding those defined in Section 1.4 of the Terms and Conditions Governing the Voyage Credit Card Programme, available here.

Noteworthy exclusions include:

  • Charitable donations
  • Education
  • EZ-Link transactions
  • Grab and GoJek rides
  • GrabPay top-ups
  • Government services
  • Insurance premiums
  • Tax payments
  • Utility bills

Terms and conditions

Full terms and conditions for this promotion are available here:

 OCBC Voyage Card Acquisition Promotion 2023 T&C

About the OCBC Voyage card

Unfortunately the OCBC Voyage card made headlines for the wrong reasons last month, with cardholders having their annual complimentary limo ride entitlement slashed from 24 per year to just 8 per year, while points transfers to airline miles like KrisFlyer, previously free, now all incur a fee of S$25 per conversion.

Nonetheless, the card earns 1.3 mpd for local spend and 2.2 mpd for foreign currency transactions, and offers unlimited access to Plaza Premium airport lounges.


It also offers 15,000 miles on renewal each year, for payment of the annual fee, while transfers to KrisFlyer miles are available in one-mile denominations.

Later this month, eight new hotel and airline transfer partners will also be added to the card’s repertoire:

  • Accor Live Limitless
  • Air France-KLM Flying Blue
  • British Airways Executive Club (and indirectly, Qatar Airways Privilege Club)
  • Cathay Pacific
  • Etihad Guest
  • IHG One Rewards
  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • United MileagePlus

Transfer ratios from Voyage Miles into these programmes have not yet been announced.


You can also take advantage of the card’s Annual Service Fee Upgrade, by paying S$3,240 and receiving 150,000 KrisFlyer miles, though this means buying miles at 2.16 cents each, which is somewhat over the odds in our book.

Do note that if you opt for the S$3,240 annual fee option, you’ll get KrisFlyer miles credited directly, not Voyage Miles which can then potentially be transferred elsewhere.

For full details about the card, see our comprehensive review, covering all its features.

OCBC Voyage
Card 2020 v2 Small
1.3 mpd
local spend

lounge access

Free airport
limo rides
OCBC Voyage
Card 2020 v2 Small

1.3 mpd
on local spend

lounge access

Free airport
limo rides


  1. With the introduction of $25 mileage transfer fee for OCBC Voyage card, it does not make sense for me to continue using it. I will be better off using UOB Prvil Miles card, at least can earn slightly more as compared to Voyage Card.

    1. Yes this one sure has been chipped away at over the years, with S$5 earning blocks, limo rides slashed and the S$25 transfer fee as you say.

      Guess it’s now really down to how much you use the unlimited PP lounge perk, or holding out for those amazing transfer ratios to new partners!!

  2. “1.4.10 Transactions under Transportation and Tolls MCC 4111/4121/4131 except for
    transactions with Grab Transport, Gojek and licensed taxi operators (including, without
    limitation, Comfort/Citycab/ Transcab/SMRT Taxi/ Premier Taxi/ Prime Taxi/ HDT Taxi). For
    avoidance of doubt, you will still earn VOYAGE Miles for transactions with Grab Transport,
    Gojek and licensed taxi operators (including, without limitation, Comfort/Citycab/ Transcab/
    SMRT Taxi/ Premier Taxi/ Prime Taxi/ HDT Taxi) for all applicable Cards. ”

    from my understanding of the linked T&Cs it shows that Grab, GoJek and other taxicab rides in Singapore are not excluded from hitting the $2500 spend? Hope you can update your article accordingly thanks!

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