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Earn up to 6 mpd at Harvey Norman with Kris+ till 25 September

Earn up to 6 mpd at Harvey Norman with Kris+ between now and 25th September 2023, when you pay in-app with the right credit card.
EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

Kris+ is offering a boosted miles earn rate over the next week or so at Harvey Norman stores across Singapore, with the usual 1 mpd accrual when you pay for your purchase doubled to 2 mpd, which comes in addition to up to 4 mpd when you use the right credit card to pay.


That can inflate your total earning on some potentially big ticket items like electrical goods to 6 mpd during this promotion.

This 2 mpd promotion is running for in-store purchases made via the Kris+ app between now and 25th September 2023.

There is no minimum spend or upper cap to benefit from this enhanced earn rate – simply make payment via Apple Pay or Google pay via the Kris+ app at the checkout.

Harvey Norman has 12 outlets across Singapore, including its three-level flagship store at Millenia Walk, and as always miles earning via Kris+ is for in-store transactions only (online spend is not applicable).

From 14 to 25 September 2023, earn 2 miles per S$1 spend when you pay by Apple Pay or Google Pay via Kris+ at any Harvey Norman outlets.

What’s more, there is no minimum spend required or cap on the amount of miles you can earn!


Harvey Norman’s earn rate via Kris+ has been something of a moveable feast over the years, initially set at 1 mile per S$3 spent (0.33 mpd), then hiked to 3 mpd in August 2021, then cut to 1 mpd in May 2023.

While we aren’t back at the previous 3 mpd level with this offer, it does inflate the earn rate above several other electronics and appliance stores that are also Kris+ earning partners:

  • Audio House: 1 mpd
  • Challenger: 1 mpd
  • Harvey Norman: 2 mpd (till 25 September)
  • Parisilk: 1 mpd
  • iStudio: 1 mpd

That could make Harvey Norman your go-to for electronics or appliance purchases over the next few days, including the new iPhone 15 Pro from 22nd September 2023.

Use the right credit card for up to 6 mpd

Harvey Norman transactions made via the Kris+ app will code under MCC 5732: Electronics Stores, and that means you can tap into some 3 mpd and 4 mpd earn rates with a variety of Singapore-issued credit cards.


Those miles are issued by your bank, so they come on top of the 2 mpd Kris+ is offering, and of course that means up to 6 mpd total effective earning on these purchases between now and 25th September.

Here’s an example of the cards which should give you upwards of 4 mpd for Harvey Norman purchases made through Kris+ with in-app payment.

Card Earn rate Notes /
Spend Cap

HSBC Revo Card SmallHSBC Revolution
(see our review)
4 mpd On contactless payments at electrical goods stores (MCC 5732), capped at S$1,000 per calendar month.
OCBC Titanium Rewards
(see our review)
4 mpd For in-store transactions at electrical goods stores (MCC 5732), capped at S$12,000 per membership year.
(see our review)
4 mpd On mobile contactless transactions (don’t tap the physical card).
Capped at S$1,110 per calendar month.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Card-small.pngDBS WWMC
(see our review)
4 mpd On on up to S$2,000 of online spend per calendar month, including when paying at a merchant using Apple Pay or Google Pay via the Kris+ app (all MCCs).
Card SmallUOB KF
(see our review)
3 mpd No minimum spend
No cap

Be careful not to use Citi Rewards cards to make in-app payments on Kris+, since mobile wallet payments are specifically excluded from that card’s bonus miles earning, regardless of the merchant MCC.

Remember there is now no cap on 3 mpd earning for Kris+ transactions made using the KrisFlyer UOB credit card – so that’s a nice hassle-free unlimited 5 mpd option at Harvey Norman during this promotion.

How to earn miles with Kris+ when purchasing

Since September 2021, in-app payments have been the only way to earn Kris+ miles when purchasing in-store at an earning partner like Harvey Norman.

The process is straightforward, just scan the Kris+ QR code at the checkout and make payment using Apple Pay or Google Pay with your linked credit card.

The app then credits your miles instantly, which you can then transfer immediately to your KrisFlyer account.

Transfer immediately to KrisFlyer

KrisPay miles earned through Kris+ can only be transferred to your KrisFlyer account within seven days of the transaction. To do so, simply tap on the “Transfer to KrisFlyer” button which will appear on the miles earned confirmation screen or transaction details screen.

You can do so later (within seven days), but why wait?

Remember that KrisPay miles earned per transaction can only be transferred to your account in their entirety. For example, if you earned 1,000 KrisPay miles from a single Kris+ transaction, the full 1,000 KrisPay miles must be transferred to your KrisFlyer account. If you have already spent some of your KrisPay miles earned, a partial transfer option is not available.

We therefore recommend transferring to KrisFlyer immediately following any Kris+ earning transaction like this, in case you either forget or make a mistake later.

If you’re not using Kris+ to earn additional miles for dining, retail, wellness or other goods and services in Singapore, then you’re potentially missing out on thousands of additional KrisFlyer miles each year.

The “lifestyle app” has progressively extended its reach across many popular (and admittedly some less well-known) outlets right across the country over the last few years.

Here’s an up-to-date full rundown of all 428 Kris+ merchants by category and regular earn rate, as of 16th September 2023 (click to expand).


Merchant   Earn rate
25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar 9 mpd
5 ON 25 9 mpd
665o F 9 mpd
Aether House 9 mpd
Alley on 25 9 mpd
Alma by Juan Amador 9 mpd
Amò 9 mpd
Anti:dote 9 mpd
Art 9 mpd
Arteastiq (Jewel Changi Airport) 9 mpd
Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery) 9 mpd
Arteastiq Bistro 9 mpd
Asian Market Cafe 9 mpd
Atico Lounge 9 mpd
atout 9 mpd
Atrium 9 mpd
Bacha Coffee 9 mpd
BAKALAKI Greek Taverna 9 mpd
Bar Square 9 mpd
BBQ Express 9 mpd
Botanico at The Garage 9 mpd
Braci 9 mpd
Cajun on Wheels (Plaza Singapura) 9 mpd
Clove 9 mpd
Club 5 9 mpd
Delibowl 9 mpd
Edge 9 mpd
Extra Virgin Pizza 9 mpd
FIRE 9 mpd
FLNT 9 mpd
GEMMA 9 mpd
Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar 9 mpd
Ginger 9 mpd
Hai Tien Lo 9 mpd
Honeymill 9 mpd
Island Creamery 9 mpd
Jiang-Nan Chun 9 mpd
Keyaki 9 mpd
L’Angelus 9 mpd
Les Bouchons 9 mpd
Levant 9 mpd
LeVeL 33 9 mpd
Li Bai (Sheraton Towers) 9 mpd
Lime (PARKROYAL Pickering) 9 mpd
Lime House 9 mpd
Little Italy Salumeria 9 mpd
Manna Bistro & Grill 9 mpd
Mellower Coffee 9 mpd
Mikuni 9 mpd
Mimi Restaurant 9 mpd
Mitsu Sushi Bar 9 mpd
MONTI 9 mpd
Mr Stork 9 mpd
Nobu Singapore 9 mpd
Nuodle 9 mpd
One-Ninety Bar 9 mpd
Origin Grill 9 mpd
OverEasy 9 mpd
One-Ninety Restaurant 9 mpd
Pacific Marketplace 9 mpd
Paper Rice 9 mpd
Pastaria Abate 9 mpd
Peach Blossoms 9 mpd
Peppermint 9 mpd
Pig N Whistle British Pub 9 mpd
Portman's Bar 9 mpd
Prego 9 mpd
Restaurant JAG 9 mpd
Ristorante Da Valentino 9 mpd
Si Chuan Dou Hua 9 mpd
SKAI Bar 9 mpd
Skyline Bar 9 mpd
SKAI Restaurant 9 mpd
Solo Ristorante 9 mpd
Southbridge 9 mpd
Spice Brasserie 9 mpd
Supresso 9 mpd
Tapas,24 6 mpd
The Coconut Club 9 mpd
The Dining Room (Sheraton Towers) 9 mpd
The Nursery Cafe & Bar 9 mpd
The Spot 9 mpd
The Stamford Brasserie 9 mpd
The Summerhouse 9 mpd
The Xiang Pavilion 9 mpd
The White Tiffin 9 mpd
The Whole Kitchen 9 mpd
Tian Fu Tea Room 9 mpd
TONITO 9 mpd
UNA at Alkaff Mansion 9 mpd
WAKANUI Grill 9 mpd
Window on the Park 9 mpd
Wooloomooloo Steakhouse 9 mpd
Xin Cuisine 9 mpd
Dancing Crab 7 mpd
Douraku Sushi 7 mpd
Duckland 7 mpd
Lao Beijing 7 mpd
LingZhi Vegetarian 7 mpd
QIN Restaurant & Bar 7 mpd
Slappy Cakes 7 mpd
Tong Le Private Dining 7 mpd
Tung Lok Peking Duck 7 mpd
Tung Lok Seafood 7 mpd
Tung Lok Signatures 7 mpd
Tung Lok Teahouse 7 mpd
USHIO Sukiyaki & Sake Bar 7 mpd
19 Tea 6 mpd
108 Matcha Saro 6 mpd
Aburi-EN 6 mpd
Alegria SIngapore 6 mpd
Andersen’s of Denmark 6 mpd
Anglo Indian Cafe & Bar 6 mpd
Azur, Crowne Plaza Changi Airport 6 mpd
BAM! Restaurant 6 mpd
Bangkok Jam 6 mpd
Barossa Steak & Grill 6 mpd
Bee Cheng Hiang 6 mpd
Bee Cheng Hiang Gallery 6 mpd
Beans Party Dessert 6 mpd
Beppu Menkan 6 mpd
Bistro G 6 mpd
BRINE 6 mpd
Cafe Monochrome 6 mpd
Cedele 6 mpd
Cheeselads 6 mpd
Chingu Dining 6 mpd
CO CHUNG 6 mpd
Co+Nut+ink 6 mpd
COCA 6 mpd
DOCO Donburi 6 mpd
Dopo Teatro 6 mpd
Edith Patisserie 6 mpd
Evan's Kitch 6 mpd
EGA Juice Clinic 6 mpd
EN Dining 6 mpd
Enjoy Eating House 6 mpd
Four Seasons Durians 6 mpd
Garrett Popcorn Shops 6 mpd
Geometry 6 mpd
Golden Moments 6 mpd
Gong Cha 6 mpd
Greenhouse 6 mpd
Grin Affair 6 mpd
Haakon Superfood and Juice 6 mpd
Huggs Coffee 6 mpd
Ikigai Izakaya 6 mpd
iVegan 6 mpd
JU95 6 mpd
Joy Luck Teahouse 6 mpd
Kabuke 6 mpd
Kam's Roast 6 mpd
Kazo Singapore 6 mpd
Krispy Kreme 6 mpd
La Lola Churreria 6 mpd
Little Caesars Pizza 6 mpd
llaollao 6 mpd
Maison Kayser 6 mpd
MediumRare by Saveur 6 mpd
Menya Kokoro 6 mpd
Mrs Pho 6 mpd
MyEureka 6 mpd
Niku Kappo 6 mpd
O Happi Place 6 mpd
Paris Baguette 6 mpd
Patisserie CLE 6 mpd
Patisserie G 6 mpd
Polar Puffs & Cakes 6 mpd
Quinn's Irish Tavern 6 mpd
Red House Seafood 6 mpd
Rocku Yakinuku 6 mpd
Sakunthala’s Food Palace 6 mpd
SARAI 6 mpd
Saveur 6 mpd
Srisun Express 6 mpd
Straits Chinese Restaurant 6 mpd
Suki-Ya KIN 6 mpd
Sushi Airways 6 mpd
Sushi Jiro Keppel Bay 6 mpd
Sushi Jiro Parkroyal Collection MB 6 mpd
Tajimaya Yakiniku 6 mpd
Tanglin Cookhouse 6 mpd
TANOKE 6 mpd
Tee Deck 6 mpd
The Coffee Academics 6 mpd
The Rebel Company Cafe & Bar 6 mpd
The Meatery 6 mpd
Toss and Turn 6 mpd
TP Tea 6 mpd
True Blue Cuisine 6 mpd
Tsuta Japanese Dining 6 mpd
Vibes Cafe 6 mpd
Vineyard 6 mpd
Waku-Shin Yakiniku 6 mpd
Wanpo Tea Shop 6 mpd
Well Played Cafe 6 mpd
Wine & Chef 6 mpd
Yenly Yours Dessert 6 mpd
Zaffron Kitchen 6 mpd
Beauty in The Pot 5 mpd
Canton Noodle & Congee House 5 mpd
Canton Paradise 5 mpd
Kind Kones 5 mpd
Le Shrimp Ramen 5 mpd
LeNu Check Wai's Noodle Bar 5 mpd
Paradise Classic 5 mpd
Paradise Dynasty 5 mpd
Paradise Hotpot 5 mpd
Paradise Teochew 5 mpd
Seafood Paradise 5 mpd
Taste Paradise 5 mpd
ASAP & Co. 3 mpd
Cali 3 mpd
Canadian Pizza 3 mpd
Cherry & Oak 3 mpd
D'Cuisines 3 mpd
Famous Amos 3 mpd
First Grill Signature 3 mpd
Fish Market Sakuraya 3 mpd
Honolulu Cafe 3 mpd
JINJJA Chicken 3 mpd
Joo Bar 3 mpd
Konyo 3 mpd
Octapas 3 mpd
Overscoop 3 mpd
Queic by Olivia 3 mpd
Ryan's Kitchen 3 mpd
Social Place 3 mpd
Swatow Restaurant 3 mpd
Tongue Top Lanzhou Beef Noodles 3 mpd
iSTEAKS 2 mpd
iSTEAKS Reserved 2 mpd
SIMPLEburger 2 mpd


Merchant   Earn rate
Kiztopia 9 mpd
The Ballet & Music Company 9 mpd
The Par Club 9 mpd
Trickeye @ Southside 9 mpd
Virtual Room 9 mpd
iFly Singapore 6 mpd
Madame Tussauds Singapore 6 mpd
Mega Adventure 6 mpd
NERF Action Xperience 6 mpd
National Gallery Singapore 6 mpd
Ola Beach Club 6 mpd
Sentosa Activities 6 mpd
Spin Paint House 6 mpd
The Royal Albatross 6 mpd
Tree Art 6 mpd
Mount Faber Leisure (Singapore Cable Car) 1 mpd


Merchant Earn rate
Affordable Wines 9 mpd
Bratpack 9 mpd
Breitling 9 mpd
Chagaan Cashmere 9 mpd
Chokmah 9 mpd
Coldwear 9 mpd
Creative Jewellery Studio 9 mpd
CYC Made to Measure 9 mpd
Dear Collective 9 mpd
Delsey Paris 9 mpd
Eden and Elie 9 mpd
Farm Frozen 9 mpd
GROHE 9 mpd
Herschel Supply Co 9 mpd
HoneyWorld 9 mpd
ipse ipsa ipsum 9 mpd
Janice Wong 9 mpd
Kilogramme 9 mpd
LeCaine Gems 9 mpd
Little Big Garden 9 mpd
LPB Market 9 mpd
Maharaja's Tailors 9 mpd
Mayer 9 mpd
Nila Aromatherapy 9 mpd
Penhaligon's 9 mpd
Perk by Kate 9 mpd
PUMA 9 mpd
RISIS 9 mpd
So France 9 mpd
Softhaus 9 mpd
State Property 9 mpd
Sunnystep 9 mpd
The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. 9 mpd
The Nursery Singapore 9 mpd
The Shirt Bar 9 mpd
Timbuk2 9 mpd
Travel Zone 9 mpd
Victorinox 9 mpd
808 Cycles 6 mpd
Adertek Baby & Kids 6 mpd
AIBI 6 mpd
All India Supermart 6 mpd
Angra Wine & Spirit 6 mpd
Asics 6 mpd
Birkenstock 6 mpd
Bottles & Bottles 6 mpd
Bowers & Wilkins 6 mpd
Bynd Artisan 6 mpd
Candy Empire 6 mpd
Capitol Optical 6 mpd
Carv Butchery 6 mpd
Cole Haan 6 mpd
Cycle Project Store 6 mpd
Dragon Brand Bird’s Nest 6 mpd
Dreamcore 6 mpd
ECCO 6 mpd
FOX Kids & Babyy 6 mpd
GUESS 6 mpd
Her Velvet Vase 6 mpd
In Good Company 6 mpd
JVD 6 mpd
Kim Tee 6 mpd
KLARRA 6 mpd
Klosh 6 mpd
La Senza 6 mpd
LEGO Certified Store 6 mpd
Leong Poh Kee 6 mpd
Love & Co. 6 mpd
MBT 6 mpd
Neal’s Yard Remedies 6 mpd
Old Seng Choong 6 mpd
Outdoor Life 6 mpd
PEDRO 6 mpd
Prestige Affairs 6 mpd
Pretty Ballerinas 6 mpd
Royal Sporting House 6 mpd
SK Jewellery 6 mpd
SMEG 6 mpd
Sri Murugan 6 mpd
Superdry 6 mpd
TWG Tea 6 mpd
VitaKids 6 mpd
Adidas 3 mpd
Benjamin Barker 3 mpd
Cath Kidston 3 mpd
Colombia 3 mpd
G2000 3 mpd
GRT Jewellers 3 mpd
Kele Singapore 3 mpd
Lamalolly 3 mpd
Simmons 3 mpd
Sun & Sand Sports 3 mpd
Sunday Staples 3 mpd
The Chinese Wedding Shop 3 mpd
The Green Capsule 3 mpd
WatchBox 3 mpd
ZANSAN 3 mpd
Audio House 1 mpd
Challenger 1 mpd
Harvey Norman 1 mpd
Parisilk 1 mpd
iStudio 1 mpd


Merchant Earn rate
CARs 9 mpd
EA Detailer 9 mpd
For the Love of Laundry 9 mpd
Jete Studios 9 mpd
Jo Artysan 9 mpd
Matchday Central 9 mpd
The Big Blow 9 mpd
The Little Gym 9 mpd
The Ring Boxing Community 9 mpd
Uni Gallery by Oosterbay 9 mpd
De Arte Hair 6 mpd
Futurum 6 mpd
JDMIS 6 mpd
LifeSpa 6 mpd
Power Kids Gym 6 mpd
Shunji Matsuo 6 mpd
Sultans of Shave 6 mpd
The Toothbar Dental 6 mpd
TONI&GUY 6 mpd
Camberley Pre-School 3 mpd
Fusion Medical 3 mpd
Minmed Group 3 mpd
Phoenix Medical Group 3 mpd
Ardennes Health 3 mpd
ASA Holidays 1 mpd
CTC Travel 1 mpd
EU Holidays 1 mpd
Hong Thai Travel 1 mpd
L. G. E. Travel 1 mpd
Super Travels 1 mpd
UOB Travel 1 mpd


Merchant Earn rate
boOm Singapore 9 mpd
Browtisan 9 mpd
DrHair 9 mpd
DrSpa 9 mpd
FE The Nail Lounge 9 mpd
HADA Aesthetics 9 mpd
House of Traditional Javanese Massage 9 mpd
Jyan Yoga Studio 9 mpd
La Source Spa 9 mpd
Mirage Aesthetic 9 mpd
Multiflora TCM Spa 9 mpd
N20 Nail Spa 9 mpd
Perky Lash 9 mpd
Regina Hair Removal Specialist 9 mpd
Revel Fit 9 mpd
Skinfitness 9 mpd
St Gregory Spa (Pan Pacific) 9 mpd
St Gregory Spa (PARKROYAL Beach Rd) 9 mpd
St Gregory Spa (PARKROYAL Marina Bay) 9 mpd
St Gregory Spa (PARKROYAL Pickering) 9 mpd
Sugar(ed) 9 mpd
Willow Stream Spa 9 mpd
BazGym 6 mpd
Chez Vous 6 mpd
Devarana Wellness 6 mpd
Erabelle 6 mpd
Ikeda Spa 6 mpd
Jal Yoga 6 mpd
Joyre TCMedi Spa 6 mpd
JR Fitness 6 mpd
Kenko Wellness Spa & Reflexology 6 mpd
Options Pilates Studio 6 mpd
PHS Hairscience 6 mpd
Princess's Cottage 6 mpd
Smilepoint Dental 6 mpd
Splice Barbershop 6 mpd
The Posture Lab 6 mpd
The Spa 6 mpd
Fresver Beauty 3 mpd

You can also use KrisPay miles at Harvey Norman

The Kris+ app still gives you the option to use KrisPay miles in your Kris+ wallet to pay for your Harvey Norman purchase, or offset part of its cost.

Unfortunately this remains at the regular value of 0.67 cents per mile when redeeming miles for Kris+ transactions, which is quite terrible.

It’s therefore not something you’ll want to be doing unless you have KrisPay miles stuck in the Kris+ app, which cannot be transferred to your KrisFlyer account. Even then, bonus redemption offers do occasionally come up, so provided your KrisPay miles are not expiring in this example it can still be better to hold off for one of these.




Between now and 25th September 2023 you can earn 2 mpd on in-store Harvey Norman purchases made via the Kris+ app.

With the retailer specialising in some rather high ticket items, like computers and electrical goods, this doubling of the usual KrisPay earn rate is potentially a nice boost over and above your usual credit card points.

At the top end with the right credit card, you could be netting 6 mpd in total earning during this period, but remember to transfer any KrisPay miles earned immediately to your KrisFlyer account.

(Cover Photo: Harvey Norman)


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