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Singapore Airlines will fly its A350 Regional to Jakarta from December

Another Singapore Airlines A350 boost for Jakarta, this time with the regional variant

Seat 7

You might think of Jakarta, a short 90-minute hop from Singapore, as one of the Singapore Airlines routes that least needs more flat-bed Business Class seats.

Well be that as it may, it’s not stopping the airline introducing the very latest version of its regional Business Class product daily on this city pair from mid-December, courtesy of the upcoming Airbus A350 Regional.

Why Jakarta?

Many of you will recall that the new Singapore Airlines A350 Regional aircraft will start flying to Adelaide from 17th December. We covered last month’s announcement here. Well this is what that same aircraft will do when it’s not flying to or from Adelaide, which let’s face it – doesn’t take all day.

‘Fishtailing’ a short Jakarta flight in between the daily Adelaide rotation makes good use of this aircraft.

The schedule

Here’s how the Singapore Airlines schedule between Singapore and Jakarta looks beginning 18th December 2018, with the evening flight SQ964/SQ965 highlighted in yellow operated by the A350 Regional (taking over from an A330, which operates until 17th December 2018).

From 18th December 2018

Singapore to Jakarta

Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ950 SIN0650 – CGK0735 773 Daily
SQ952 SIN0740 – CGK0825 773 Daily
SQ956 SIN0930 – CGK1015 359 Daily
SQ958 SIN1230 – CGK1315 773 Daily
SQ960 SIN1520 – CGK1605 773 Daily
SQ962 SIN1610 – CGK1655 359 Daily
SQ964 SIN1720 – CGK1805 359 Daily
SQ966 SIN1840 – CGK1925 773 Daily
SQ968 SIN2240 – CGK2325 772 Daily
From 18th December 2018

Jakarta to Singapore

Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ951 CGK0525 – SIN0810 772 Daily
SQ953 CGK0825 – SIN1110 773 Daily
SQ955 CGK0920 – SIN1215 773 Daily
SQ957 CGK1115 – SIN1400 359 Daily
SQ959 CGK1410 – SIN1655 773 Daily
SQ961 CGK1700 – SIN1945 773 Daily
SQ963 CGK1800 – SIN2100 359 Daily
SQ965 CGK1900 – SIN2155 359 Daily
SQ967 CGK2020 – SIN2305 773 Daily

The same aircraft then departs for Adelaide at 23:35, returning at 15:10 the following afternoon, allowing it to repeat the highlighted Jakarta flight on a daily basis in addition to returning to and from Adelaide each day.

2018 RJ (MM).jpg
The A350 Regional will be fitted with the same Business Class seats currently featured on the 787-10, though the aisles will be wider. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

KrisFlyer redemptions

The KrisFlyer miles requirement for flights between Singapore and Jakarta are as follows.

KF Logo trans
Economy Business
Saver Advantage Saver Advantage
7,500 15,000 17,500 35,000

Earlier this year we did a required KrisFlyer miles per minute analysis and it probably won’t surprise you this short route doesn’t fare well in value by that basic metric.

In fact it’s the second worst route on the whole network if measured this way. This route regularly features on the monthly ‘Spontaneous Escapes’ offer at 12,250 miles for a saver Business award ticket, so if you are able to make short-term plans this is a possible future option to try the new seat.

The Singapore Airlines A350 Regional

This plane will have 40 Business Class seats and 263 Economy Class seats for a total capacity of 303, a 6% overall capacity increase on the A330 it is replacing. In Business Class alone there will be a third more seats available on this plane, which should enhance the already good award availability in that cabin on this route.

SQ A350 Pushback (Alan Wilson).jpg
(Photo: Alan Wilson)

We’ve covered this new variant of the Singapore Airlines A350, including which seats to choose and which to avoid in both cabin classes, at our dedicated page here.

SIA 2018 Regional Business Class reviews

So far no Singapore Airlines A350 Regional aircraft have been delivered, with this first plane commencing service to Adelaide on 17th December, the day before this Jakarta shift.

One of our 2018 regional Business Class reviews is focussed on the solo window seats, while the other covers the middle couple pairs. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

We have flown twice however on the same cabin product as installed on the Boeing 787-10, and you can read our two comprehensive reviews of this new 2018 Regional Business Class seat here:

Future routes

Remember to stay tuned to our new regional Business Class routes tracker page, which is continually updated with all the latest 787-10 and A350 Regional schedule updates as they are announced.

You can also see which Business Class seats are flying across the Singapore Airlines network by route and flight number over the next year at our Business Class seats by route page.


A ramp up of capacity to Jakarta using more long-haul A350s this winter season was already announced last month, and this further capacity boost with the introduction of the regional Business Class seat on this route from December further cements it as the busiest Singapore Airlines city pair.

(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)



  1. I wonder what the registration numbers for the Airbus A350-900 Regionals will be like. For what I know, these are the current registrations for the existing A350s in service:

    – 9V-SM* (For standard Airbus A350-900s, previously used by Boeing 747-400s)
    – 9V-SG* (For Airbus A350-900/ULRs, previously used by Airbus A340-500s)

    I am actually predicting that the registration for the Airbus A350-900 Regional jets will start with 9V-SJ*, once used by the Airbus A340-300s.

  2. I was on the A350 Regional to CGK earlier this week. I noticed that SQ has a new IFE installed on this aircraft (newer than the one on the 787 RJ and the new A380 J). The UI is very similar – touch screen, black-ish background, similar font and overall design, but the layout is slightly different. The main difference is the console or remote (however you call it). It’s designed like a smartphone now, no buttons if I recall, and you’re supposed to use it like a mouse or trackpad. Wasn’t easy to use so I gave up.

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