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Singapore Airlines ramps up Jakarta schedule with more A350 flights

The busiest Singapore Airlines route by seat capacity is getting an additional boost in October, with more long-haul Business Class seats in the mix

SQ A350

In another tweak to the northern winter 2018/19 schedule Singapore Airlines is adding five additional flights per week to Jakarta using the Airbus A350, meaning more opportunities to fly a long-haul business class product on one of its shortest routes.



The current Singapore – Jakarta schedule flown by Singapore Airlines is as follows.

Singapore – Jakarta (until 27th October 2018)
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ950 SIN0620 – CGK0705 773 Daily
SQ952 SIN0740 – CGK0825 773 Daily
SQ956 SIN0925 – CGK1010 359 Daily
SQ958 SIN1230 – CGK1315 773 Daily
SQ960 SIN1515 – CGK1600 773 Daily
SQ962 SIN1625 – CGK1710 359 ····5·7
SQ964 SIN1720 – CGK1805 333 Daily
SQ966 SIN1830 – CGK1920 773 Daily
SQ968 SIN2155 – CGK2240 772 Daily

As you can see SQ962, the 4.25pm departure from Singapore operated by the A350, currently only operates on Fridays and Sundays. This flight will increase to daily service from 28th October 2018, with slight timing adjustment.

Singapore – Jakarta (from 28th October 2018)
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ950 SIN0650 – CGK0735 773 Daily
SQ952 SIN0740 – CGK0825 773 Daily
SQ956 SIN0930 – CGK1015 359 Daily
SQ958 SIN1230 – CGK1315 773 Daily
SQ960 SIN1520 – CGK1605 773 Daily
SQ962 SIN1610 – CGK1655 359 Daily
SQ964 SIN1720 – CGK1805 333 Daily
SQ966 SIN1840 – CGK1925 773 Daily
SQ968 SIN2240 – CGK2325 772 Daily

For the return flight from Jakarta to Singapore the same applies, with the existing schedule looking like this:

Jakarta – Singapore (until 27th October 2018)
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ951 CGK0525 – SIN0810 772 Daily
SQ953 CGK0755 – SIN1045 773 Daily
SQ955 CGK0925 – SIN1215 773 Daily
SQ957 CGK1115 – SIN1405 359 Daily
SQ959 CGK1410 – SIN1700 773 Daily
SQ961 CGK1700 – SIN1950 773 Daily
SQ963 CGK1805 – SIN2055 359 ····5·7
SQ965 CGK1900 – SIN2150 333 Daily
SQ967 CGK2015 – SIN2305 773 Daily

The new schedule, from 28th October 2018, changes to reflect daily operation of SQ963.

Jakarta – Singapore (from 28th October 2018)
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ951 CGK0525 – SIN0810 772 Daily
SQ953 CGK0825 – SIN1110 773 Daily
SQ955 CGK0920 – SIN1215 773 Daily
SQ957 CGK1115 – SIN1400 359 Daily
SQ959 CGK1410 – SIN1655 773 Daily
SQ961 CGK1700 – SIN1945 773 Daily
SQ963 CGK1800 – SIN2100 359 Daily
SQ965 CGK1900 – SIN2155 333 Daily
SQ967 CGK2020 – SIN2305 773 Daily

Which A350 will be used?

It won’t come as much surprise that SIA won’t be flying the A350ULR on this route and with the A350 regional not being delivered until December 2018 it can’t be that one either – so it’s the standard A350 we know and love with 42 of the 2013 J Business Class seats, 24 Premium Economy Class seats and 187 Economy Class seats.

This is also the case for the existing morning SQ956/957 Jakarta service. It means there will soon be 84 of the long-haul 2013 J seats flying daily in each direction between Singapore and Jakarta.

11A span.jpg
84 of the 2013 long-haul Business Class seats in a 1-2-1 configuration will be flying from Singapore to Jakarta each day from October. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

We reviewed the 2013 J seat earlier this year on a trip to Cape Town. All other Singapore Airlines Jakarta flights use the A330 or 777-200/-300 with the 2009 RJ Business Class seats installed. The 777-300 even features the 2006 First Class cabin.

There are a few subtle differences with this A350 flight compared with those to destinations further afield from Singapore.

Firstly row 11 and row 19 seats, which have additional legroom and a full-width bench for your feet when the seat is converted to bed mode, are not reserved for advance selection by PPS Club members, anyone can sit there (though note that 19A and 19K remain bassinet positions so assuming there is no infant in your booking you won’t be able to secure those until online check-in).

This is also the case if you take SIA’s A350 flights to or from Kuala Lumpur, though those flights will revert to the A330 from January 2019.

The Jakarta route is your cheapest redemption opportunity for the 2013 J Business Class seat at 17,500 miles each way. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Secondly the Premium Economy class cabin is not sold as such on the Jakarta route, these seats are provided for allocation to KrisFlyer PPS and Elite status holders travelling in Economy Class, or lucky passengers on fuller flights.


It fits nicely with the Adelaide A350 regional announcement

The sharp-eyed among you will recall our article on Thursday last week about the first regular A350 ‘regional configuration’ aircraft from 18th December between Singapore and Adelaide.

If you recall the timings of that flight, departing Singapore at 11.35pm and making its way back to Changi by 3.10pm the following day, this SQ962/963 Jakarta rotation fishtails nicely with that service. However 2+2 doesn’t make 5 in this case, the configuration for this afternoon Jakarta A350 service remains the standard one with 2013 J seats even after the A350 regional starts flying in December.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see that change later, which would then mark the advent of the 2018 Regional Business Class seat on the Jakarta route, however for now it doesn’t appear to be the plan. In fairness it would also be quite a high daily utilisation rate for one aircraft to fly both these rotations each day 7 days per week, so it may indeed not be the plan at all.


Redemption rates

Along with Kuala Lumpur, the Singapore to Jakarta route is your lowest redemption rate to try out the 2013 Business Class seat at 17,500 KrisFlyer miles each way. It’s not great value given the short flight time, however it’s quite a bit cheaper than the next best option for the 2013 J seat to or from Hong Kong for 27,500 miles on the 777-300ER or A350.


KrisFlyer Redemption Singapore – Jakarta
Saver Advantage
Economy 7,500 15,000
Business 17,500 35,000

Unfortunately these A350 flights are not available as Star Awards in Business Class, meaning you won’t be able to secure these long-haul seats using miles or points from another Star Alliance frequent flyer scheme such as United or Lifemiles.

Busiest route

Singapore to Jakarta is SIA’s busiest route by departure seats, with 1.67 million offered in both directions in 2017, nearly 13% more than its next busiest route by capacity – Hong Kong.

Jakarta (Muhammad Rasyid Prabowo)
Jakarta is by far Singapore Airlines’ busiest route, with nearly 5,000 seats per day between the cities. (Photo: Muhammad Rasyid Prabowo)

Overall it’s the third busiest international route worldwide by flight frequency, with SIA the largest airline serving 31% of total capacity between the cities. This additional five A350 flights per week will increase SIA’s capacity on the route by 4%, securing Jakarta’s position at the top of the SIA departures seat capacity league table by a wide margin.

(Cover Photo: Alan Wilson)



  1. It is to my knowledge from frequently flying SQ that the current A330 flying SQ963, arriving into SIN at 9 50pm, is the aircraft most frequently used to continue to ADL. I would expect 963 to be up for the A350 next.

  2. Thanks for covering this Andrew – great to see SQ increases the frequency of SQ956/957 to daily. Those who wanted the quickest way possible out of CGK airport should take caution since this flight often arrives at CGK Terminal 2E. Due to non-availability of immigration, you will need to take the bus to 2D and this will add 10-20 mins of your travel time.

  3. My parents’ flight on 25/12 SQ 965 CGK-SIN has been changed from A333 to A359 regional based on the seatmap (no premium econ). So I guess we know at least from 25/12, the SQ964/965 pairing will fly the A359 regional =)

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