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Up to 50% bonus when you buy Alaska Miles until 31 August

Alaska Miles are on sale again, with up to 50% bonus offered. Book the JAL stopover trick from US$493. Deadline 31st August.

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

AS 737 Landing (Kenneth Gill)

Alaska Mileage Plan is back with another ‘buy miles’ promotion this month, featuring a variable top bonus of up to 50%, historically the highest they offer. This is perfect timing if you need to top up your balance for one of the good value redemptions these miles unlock, including the JAL stopover trick for just US$493.


Check your account for your personal bonus level and make your purchase by 2.59pm Singapore time on 31st August 2019.


July 2019 offer

Once you log on to your Alaska Mileage Plan account and click on ‘Buy Miles’ you’ll be presented with the offer applicable to your account. For me it’s the highest level this time with a 50% bonus.

Alaska Jul19 Offer 2.jpg

To trigger the 50% bonus I have to buy 60,000 miles, but the deal may be structured differently for others. For example Eddie only has to buy 40,000 miles to get the 50% bonus, and some members may have been targeted for a lower 35% or 40% maximum bonus.

Depending on your bonus level structure and number of miles purchased, you’re buying Alaska Miles here at:

  • 20% bonus – 2.46 US ¢ / mile
  • 35% bonus – 2.19 US ¢ / mile
  • 40% bonus – 2.11 US ¢ / mile
  • 50% bonus – 1.97 US ¢ / mile

50% is historically the highest bonus level Alaska offers in its Mileage Plan sales, and while you typically saw it once a year this is coming around more frequently lately. There was a flash sale last month with a 30% discount (equivalent to a 43% bon