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Last 10 days for the X Card’s 60,000 miles sign-up bonus

Still on the fence with the X Card? You've got 10 more days to be eligible for a 60,000 miles sign-up bonus.

EXPIRED This article relates to an offer or promotion which has now expired.

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The biggest credit card launch of 2019 for miles collectors in Singapore was undoubtedly the Standard Chartered X Card back in July. With 100,000 bonus miles on offer for a spend of S$6,000 in the first 60 days, it was a unique opportunity to turbocharge your miles balance at a cost of just 0.7 cents per mile, assuming you had that much spending to do anyway.

It meant for the S$695.50 annual fee, you would earn enough miles for a Business Class saver award on SIA’s longest flight – from Singapore to New York, or for a return Business Class trip to Cape Town, or for five of you to fly Business Class to Bali!

SQ 77W J (MM) 2.jpg
The X Card sign-up bonus unlocked some of Singapore Airlines’ best Business Class routes network-wide. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Well as we all know it didn’t last long. The bank quickly pulled the deal after less than a week, and over a month early, replacing it with a less attractive 60,000 miles bonus, amidst much confusion as to whether the new deadline related to application date or approval date.

The poor CSOs clearly hadn’t been briefed on the terms, giving different answers to the many of the same questions from customers. Finally at the end of August the sign-up bonus ended, only to be resurrected in mid-October.

It’s fair to say it was one of the most botched product launches we’ve ever seen.

Key features

Here are the key features of the X Card:


Annual fee: $695.50/yr
EIR/APR: 26.9%
Sign-up bonus: 60,000 miles*
Local earn rate: 1.2 miles per $1
Overseas earn rate: 2.0 miles per $1
Foreign transaction fee: 3.5%
Minimum Age: 21
Minimum income: S$80,000/yr**
* Minimum S$6,000 spend applies in first 60 days
** Priority/Private Banking customers: S$30,000/yr (Singaporean/PR) or S$60,000/yr (Foreigner)

The 60,000 miles deal is ending soon

The (diluted) 60,000 miles sign-up bonus is still running, so if you didn’t dive in with this card yet there is still a good opportunity to accrue a significant quantity of miles at a reasonable cost, assuming you can meet the S$6,000 spend on qualifying transactions over the first two months or so.

Your X Card will have to be approved by 31st December 2019 in order for you to qualify for the sign-up promotion.


Full details

The sign-up offer for the Standard Chartered Visa Infinite X Card, whose cards are approved by 31st December 2019, is 60,000 miles provided you spend S$6,000 on eligible retail transactions in the first 60 days of card membership.

The miles bonus is structured in two halves; an upfront 30,000 miles for payment of the first year annual card fee, and the remaining 30,000 miles for the S$6,000 spend itself.

The structure is as follows:

  • 30,000 KrisFlyer miles “Upfront Gift Promotion”: for activating your card within 30 days and paying the annual fee of S$695.50, and provided your card is approved by 31st December 2019; and
  • 30,000 KrisFlyer miles “Sign-up Gift Promotion”: for spending S$6,000 on eligible retail transactions in the first 60 days from card approval date, and provided your card is approved by 31st December 2019.

Cost per mile

The cost per mile calculation is the annual fee divided by 60,000 miles (the total bonus).

Cost per KrisFlyer mile

KF Logo trans.png

S$695.50 / 60,000


That’s not as competitive as the 0.7 cents per mile rate originally on offer for the X Card under the short-lived 100,000 miles bonus, but it still comes in comfortably below our upper threshold to buy of 1.9 cents per mile. We tend to achieve an average of 2.4 cents per mile when we redeem, against some pretty strict valuation criteria.

Assuming a 1.9 cents per mile valuation, the 60,000-mile bonus is therefore worth at least S$1,140 against future Singapore Airlines redemptions in our opinion, and you’re getting it here for S$695.50.


When will you get your bonus?

The upfront gift of 30,000 miles will be awarded within 30 days of your X Card activation date. For example if your card is activated on 31st December 2019 you’ll see this first bonus in your account by 30th January 2020.

The additional 30,000 bonus miles will be awarded approximately a month after your 60-day qualifying transaction period ends. For those approved on the last eligible day, 31st December 2019, you’ll have to meet the qualifying spend by 29th February 2020 and will see the bonus in your account by 31st March 2020.

The upfront gift will not be notified – it just arrives in your rewards account – but the sign-up bonus from the S$6,000 spend will come with an SMS from the bank advising you that you have qualified to receive it and that it has been credited.

Sign Up Bonus Notification.jpg
Sign up bonus qualification SMS for the original 100,000 miles offer

Other loyalty schemes

Apart from KrisFlyer, there are 11 other loyalty programmes you can transfer into from the X Card.

New FFPs
Other loyalty scheme transfer partners from the X card

Though the list includes some more ‘exotic’ FFPs for Singapore-based miles collectors, do note that these don’t all transfer at the same 2.5:1 ratio.

In many cases it’s a higher ratio (e.g. Lufthansa at 3.5:1) meaning fewer points or miles in your loyalty account, so do beware if you’re going down this route that in many cases you may be losing out.

BR 781 J (Boeing).jpg
You can transfer into 12 loyalty programs from your Standard Chartered rewards points, including EVA Air, which has a brand new Business Class cabin on its Boeing 787s. (Photo: Boeing)

Transferring your points to miles

If you meet the S$6,000 minimum spend on the X Card in the first 60 days of card membership, you’ll actually accrue:

  • 30,000 miles for the ‘Upfront Gift’
  • 30,000 miles for the ‘Sign Up Gift’
  • 7,200 miles for the S$6,000 spend itself (@ 1.2mpd)
  • = 67,200 miles total

These will be credited as 168,000 Standard Chartered Rewards Points, which transfer at a 2.5:1 ratio into the KrisFlyer programme.

KF Logo trans.png

You can transfer to KrisFlyer in 2,500-point (1,000-mile) blocks up to 99,000 KrisFlyer miles, and thereafter in 25,000-point (10,000-mile) blocks, though Standard Chartered now allows you to top up to the next block size (and more if you wish), at a slightly unattractive cost of 0.8 cents per point (2 cents per mile).

In other words you’ll be able to transfer 167,500 points into 67,000 KrisFlyer miles, with 500 points left over, or top-up to the next multiple by ‘buying’ 2,000 points at S$16 to then transfer 68,000 KrisFlyer miles and have no Standard Chartered balance left in your account.

You could also achieve the next transfer threshold through additional spending if you wish.

There are also larger transfer blocks available, though the Standard Chartered rewards portal works on a rather complex basis of charging the S$26.75 transfer fee for each block size added to your cart, allowing up to 99 of each block to be added for a single fee but charging multiple times for multiple block sizes. See our full review of the X Card for details on how it works!

For the 11 new loyalty partners eligible for miles transfer, which came about when the X Card was launched but are now available to all Standard Chartered credit card holders, you can transfer in blocks of 1,000 miles or points in the loyalty programme.

Note that you cannot top up additional points at 0.8 cents each when transferring into these partner schemes.

Here’s how your 168,000 Standard Chartered rewards points would transfer into these 11 loyalty programmes, taking into account the 1,000 miles or points multiples limitation for the transfer itself:

X card Airline Partner Conversion
FFP Conversion Ratio 168,000 points equals
AFKLtrans.png 2.5:1 67,000
EVtrans.png 2.5:1 67,000
QFF.png 2.5:1 67,000
EYtrans.png 3:1 56,000
QRtrans.png 3:1 56,000
MHtrans.png 3:1 56,000
EKtrans.png 3.5:1 48,000