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More SIA new Regional Business seats to Bali from October, but Malé loses out

Three out of four daily Singapore Airlines flights to and from Bali will offer the latest 2018 Regional Business Class from 25th October 2020

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Singapore Airlines has been making a few tweaks to next year’s northern winter schedule starting at the end of October 2020. Since they are so far off, and often still subject to change, we generally haven’t been writing about these. One exception is the A350 ULR shakeup, which will almost inevitably lead to a new non-stop route announcement for the airline in due course.

Another change did catch our eye though, and with so many of our readers being Bali fans we thought we should share the details of this one.

From 25th October 2020, another Airbus A330 is replaced by a Boeing 787-10 on the Bali route, meaning three out of four daily Singapore Airlines flights to and from the popular holiday island will offer the latest 2018 Regional Business Class from that date.

Unfortunately this seems to come at the expense of the Malé flight, which downgrades back to the Airbus A330 with 2009 Regional Business Class on the same date.


Bali schedule

Currently the Singapore Airlines Bali route is split between two Airbus A330s and two Boeing 787-10s each day. The new cabin products on the Boeing 787 fly on the later morning flight and the afternoon flight from Changi, bookended by the older seats on the early morning and evening departures served by the A330.

Until 24th October 2020
Flight From / To Aircraft Days
SQ940 SIN0820 – DPS1100 333 Daily
SQ942 SIN0915 – DPS1155 787 Daily
SQ946 SIN1610 – DPS1850 787 Daily
SQ948 SIN1820 – DPS2050 333 Daily
SQ941 DPS1210 – SIN1455 333 Daily
SQ943 DPS1305 – SIN1550 787 Daily
SQ947 DPS2000 – SIN2240 787 Daily
SQ949 DPS2145 – SIN0020* 333 Daily

* Next day
Summer season timings and flight numbers shown (SQ940/941 operates as SQ938/939 until 28th March 2020)

From the start of the winter 2020/21 schedule SQ948, the evening departure from Changi going wheels-up just after 6pm for those who can dash to the airport straight after work, will switch to the Boeing 787-10.

This equipment change not only provides the 2018 Regional Business Class seats on that flight, but also on the last flight of the day from Bali, to really maximise your trip. SQ949 sets off at 9.45pm and lands back in Ch