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Last 5 days to book half price Singapore Airlines award seats in February

There's still saver award space on a number of Singapore Airlines routes in February 2020 for less than half the usual miles cost

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It’s been close to a year since we wrote a reminder article when a monthly Spontaneous Escapes offer is coming to an end, but that’s because SIA’s usual 30% off promotion, while good, isn’t particularly amazing. As most of you know – this month it’s no average Spontaneous Escapes discount.

January’s deal, for selected Singapore Airlines and SilkAir flights in February 2020, is one of the most generous we’ve ever seen and there are still five days for you to lock in redemptions at less than half the usual miles rate for selected Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class award tickets.


The deal

To celebrate KrisFlyer’s 21st birthday in February 2020, Singapore Airlines has added 21% to its usual 30% monthly Spontaneous Escapes discount – for a 51% discount (better than half price) offer on a wide range of routes.


Until the end of Friday 31st January 2020 these fantastic discounts are still available on selected SIA and SilkAir routes if you’re looking to travel in February 2020. Standout options include:

  • Singapore to and from Tokyo in the 2017 Business Class seat for 23,030 miles each way (usually 47,000 miles).
  • Singapore to or from San Francisco in the 2013 Business Class seat for 46,550 miles (usually 95,000 miles).
  • Singapore to Barcelona, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Milan, Paris or Rome in the 2013 Business Class seat for 45,080 miles (usually 92,000 miles).
  • Singapore to or from Adelaide and Brisbane in the 2018 Regional Business Class seat for 30,380 miles (usually 62,000 miles).
  • Singapore to or from Bali in the 2018 Regional Business Class seat for 9,310 miles (usually 19,000 miles).

We checked availability and found there are still immediately confirmable saver award seats on a number of these routes across several dates in February.

For the full terms and conditions of the Spontaneous Escapes offer and a full list of all the eligible routes, including Business Class seat types by flight number, check our full article here.

Note that blackout dates apply for travel on some routes. Spontaneous Escapes award tickets are non-refundable (no miles re-deposit), but at this relatively late stage that may be less of an issue than usual.

All the latest Business Class seat types are included

One of the best things about Spontaneous Escapes this month, for those of you eager to try out some of SIA’s latest Business Class seats, is that all of them feature quite extensively in the selection.

Currently installed on only seven Singapore Airlines A380s, the 2017 J seat is our current favourite Business Class option. It’s available on two Spontaneous Escapes routes in February from just 19,110 miles one-way. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

Our full article provides all the details, but in summary here’s the routes on which you can experience the newer seats.

Spontaneous Escapes – February 2020
SIA’s latest Business Class products

2017 J

(full seat details)

23,030 Miles:

  • Singapore – Tokyo Narita (SQ638)
  • Tokyo Narita – Singapore (SQ637)

19,110 Miles:

  • Singapore – Shanghai (SQ830)*
  • Shanghai – Singapore (SQ833)*

* Operated by 777-300ER (2013 J seats) on 19/2 and 26/2

SQ 77W J (MM)

2013 J

(full seat details)

46,550 Miles:

  • Singapore – San Francisco (SQ2)
  • San Francisco – Singapore (SQ1)

43,610 Miles:

  • Hong Kong – San Francisco (SQ2)
  • San Francisco – Hong Kong (SQ1)

45,080 Miles:

  • Singapore – Barcelona (SQ378)
  • Barcelona – Singapore (SQ377)
  • Singapore – Dusseldorf (SQ338)
  • Dusseldorf – Singapore (SQ337)
  • Singapore – Frankfurt (SQ326)
  • Singapore – Milan (SQ356)
  • Singapore – Paris (SQ334)
  • Singapore – Rome (SQ366)
  • Rome – Singapore (SQ365)

30,380 Miles:

  • Singapore – Brisbane (SQ245)

24,010 Miles:

  • Singapore – Dubai (SQ494)
  • Dubai – Singapore (SQ494)
  • Singapore – Johannesburg (SQ482)
  • Johannesburg – Singapore (SQ481)

23,030 Miles:

  • Tokyo Narita – Singapore (SQ11)

19,110 Miles:

  • Singapore – Beijing (SQ806)
  • Singapore – Shanghai (SQ828)
  • Shanghai – Singapore (SQ825, SQ831)

14,945 Miles:

  • Singapore – Hong Kong (SQ856, SQ860, SQ866)
  • Hong Kong – Singapore (SQ861, SQ863, SQ865)

9,310 Miles:

  • Singapore – Kuala Lumpur (SQ118)
Seat 11A

2018 RJ

(full seat details)

30,380 Miles:

  • Singapore – Adelaide (SQ279)
  • Adelaide – Singapore (SQ278)
  • Singapore – Brisbane (SQ255, SQ265)
  • Brisbane – Singapore (SQ236, SQ256, SQ266)

23,030 Miles:

  • Singapore – Fukuoka (SQ656)
  • Fukuoka – Singapore (SQ655)
  • Singapore – Nagoya (SQ672)
  • Nagoya – Singapore (SQ671)
  • Singapore – Osaka (SQ620, SQ622)
  • Osaka – Singapore (SQ619, SQ621, SQ623)
  • Singapore – Seoul (SQ602SQ608, SQ612)
  • Seoul – Singapore (SQ603, SQ607, SQ611)

19,110 Miles:

  • Singapore –  Ahmedabad (SQ530)
  • Singapore – Beijing (SQ800)
  • Beijing – Singapore (SQ805)
  • Singapore – Dhaka (SQ446)
  • Dhaka – Singapore (SQ447)
  • Singapore –  Kolkata (SQ516)
  • Singapore – Malé (SQ452)
  • Singapore – Shanghai (SQ826)
  • Shanghai – Singapore (SQ827)

10,535 Miles:

  • Singapore – Bangkok (SQ978, SQ982)
  • Bangkok – Singapore (SQ973, SQ981)
  • Singapore – Manila (SQ916, SQ918)
  • Manila – Singapore (SQ915, SQ921)

9,310 Miles:

  • Singapore – Bali (SQ942, SQ946)
  • Bali – Singapore (SQ943, SQ947)
  • Singapore – Kuala Lumpur (SQ116)

Economy offers aren’t bad either

We almost always never recommend using your KrisFlyer miles to redeem Economy Class tickets. With the exception of a few disproportionately expensive routes, the value achieved when redeeming in this cabin is generally poor.

This month though selected flights both with Singapore Airlines and SilkAir also have 51% off the usual miles requirement in Economy Class, changing the value equation altogether.

A330 Y Service (Sorbis SS)
Economy Class is usually a poor value redemption on Singapore Airlines. This promotion is an exception. (Photo: Sorbis /

Bali for 3,675 miles and a range of Europe flights like Amsterdam, London, Rome and Paris for 18,620 miles are all standout options, allowing two of you to travel for less than the usual award cost for one passenger.

Singapore to San Francisco is also on offer for 18,620 miles each way in this cabin.

Remember to click!

One of the queries we receive most often from readers during Spontaneous Escapes offers is “I searched and the discount doesn’t show!”.

Feb20 Example

Remember the full miles redemption rate will show in the search results and the discount doesn’t reflect until you select your preferred flight.

This causes constant confusion, but Singapore Airlines seems to like it this way (or can’t easily show it any other way).

Can I waitlist?

If your preferred flight is waitlisted you can add yourself to the waitlist at the discounted Spontaneous Escapes rate, however the waitlist must clear on or before 31st January 2020 for the lower rate to take effect.

If it clears after that, the normal prevailing rate will apply, which of course you can choose not to ticket if you don’t wish to proceed.


The A350 ULR offers have potential

As we mention in our full article on this month’s offer, SIA is offering non-stop A350 ULR flights to and from Newark and Los Angeles in Premium Economy for a 51% discount. That’s 33,000 miles instead of 68,000 miles for LAX and 35,770 miles instead of 73,000 miles for EWR.

Solo Seat (OMAAT)
A solo Premium Economy seat on SIA’s A350 ULR. (Photo: One Mile at a Time)

Roundtrip cash fares on the Newark route were widely available for S$1,500 in February 2020 when the Spontaneous Escapes deal was first released last week, giving you a value of just 2.1 cents per mile for the 71,540 miles it would cost you under Spontaneous Escapes.

Those fares have since increased, to at least S$2,100 return, now giving you 2.9 cents per mile, with redemptions still available in February 2020.

EWR PY Awards Feb20
Still plenty of saver award space in Premium Economy on the Newark route next month

Cash fares on the Los Angeles route still start at S$1,777, for a value of 2.7 cents per mile (Spontaneous Escapes roundtrip cost 66,640 miles).

On many dates though, fares are S$2,100 or higher, for a value of 3.2 cents per mile.

That’s not bad at all for Premium Economy.



All the flurry with Spontaneous Escapes tends to be in the early few days of the offer, but it’s a great deal this month and Singapore Airlines does open up more Saver award availability here and there.

SQ 77W J (MM) 2
Many of the offers this month include flights using the 2013 Business Class seat. (Photo: MainlyMiles)

There are some unbeatable offers included if you’re planning to travel in February, including to Europe, the USA, Japan and Australia. Redemptions start at just 3,675 miles for a one-way trip to or from Bali, which is probably the lowest award price seen for a “free” Singapore Airlines flight.

Even at the high end, Business Class luxury all the way to or from the USA for 46,550 miles is a steal. Remember to book by midnight on 31st January to be eligible.

Don’t forget to keep searching for award space even if you didn’t find availability first time round, and also refer to our article with full details of this promotion route by route.

(Cover Photo: MainlyMiles)


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