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Here’s where Singapore Airlines is flying its passenger fleet on cargo-only flights

Nearly 80% of Singapore Airlines flights departing Changi last week had no passengers on board, with the air cargo market solidifying itself as the carrier's biggest business amidst almost zero passenger demand

SIA Cargo in cabin 2 (Singapore Airlines)

Three weeks ago we took a look at the side of SIA’s flying network you don’t hear so much about at the moment – where it is flying aircraft that normally carry passengers instead with only cargo on board. It was a fascinating overview, revealing at least nine additional cities to the 14 currently flying customers on the network, and that’s without even counting where the airline’s dedicated freighter Boeing 747s were flying.

This month we decided to take another look at the cargo-only routes, and it’s clear that a significant ramp up has happened since then, with the number of passenger aircraft departing Changi carrying only cargo on board increasing by over 40% in the last three weeks.


SIA is now effectively a cargo airline

Last week we reported on the shockingly low passenger numbers on SIA’s remaining network of 14 cities to and from Singapore, with April 2020 statistics showing that just 300 customers joined these flights each day on average – a 99.5% reduction compared with the typical daily total of 60,000.

What continues to shift though is cargo, with a worldwide capacity shortage caused by the grounding of almost all passenger flights.

A350 ADL Cargo 2 (Adelaide Airport)
SIA’s cargo flights last week included Adel