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Lufthansa and Swiss passengers can now transit onto SIA flights through Singapore

Transit passengers originating in Germany or Switzerland now have the option to book Lufthansa or Swiss flights to Singapore, then tap into SIA's expanding network from Changi.

Transit options for those connecting through Changi Airport have remained almost exclusively for SIA Group passengers since authorities granted permission for these itineraries in June 2020.

Despite limited city pairs being eligible for transit routings through the airport in the early days, the list soon grew and options now encompass the majority of SIA’s network.


In November 2020 the first non-SIA Group airline, Jetstar Asia, gained permission to carry transit passengers through Changi between its own flights, currently operating to and from nine major cities in South East Asia.

Lufthansa and Swiss are now approved

This week a new (and almost entirely logical) option was added, with passengers originating in Frankfurt on Lufthansa or Zurich on Swiss International Air Lines also able to connect onto Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flights to any SIA network destination accepting inbound transit passengers.

“SIA [now] has an interline agreement with Lufthansa and Swiss International Air Lines which allows their customers to transit through Singapore Changi Airport from approved cities to destinations in the SIA Group network currently operated by Singapore Airlines and SilkAir.”

Singapore Airlines

Connections onto Scoot services are not supported, as the low-cost division does not have an interline agreement with these European carriers.

For example, it’s now possible to book a flight from Zurich to Auckland flying with Swiss on the first sector and Singapore Airlines on the second.

Note however that the agreement does not work in reverse!

In other words passengers originating in Auckland cannot fly with Singapore Airlines to Changi and then connect onto a Frankfurt-bound Lufthansa flight.

Passengers flying from any airport in Germany or Switzerland and connecting to a Lufthansa or Swiss-operated Singapore-bound flight are permitted to transit twice if necessary (e.g. once in Zurich, then again at Changi), however connections from elsewhere in Europe do not appear to be supported based on our searches.

For example Paris – Zurich – Singapore – Medan won’t work, but the above itinerary starting in Munich will.

(Photo: Lukas von Daeniken)

Additional transit services

This agreement will allow passengers travelling on one of the following three weekly flights from Europe to continue their journeys through Changi to other parts of the SIA and SilkAir network on one ticket, with a transit.

These services will supplement Singapore Airlines’ own four times weekly flights from Zurich and five times weekly flights from Frankfurt, both rising to daily from mid-January 2021.


Note: Schedules based on January 2021

Swiss flights land at Changi before 6am, allowing passengers to connect onto morning services across the region, while those taking Lufthansa from (or via) Frankfurt can connect onto evening services, or stay overnight at the transit area.

On arrival in Singapore, all transit passengers will be met by airport staff and guided to a Transit Holding Area, or one of two Transit Hotels:

Advance booking of transit hotels is strongly recommended, as there may be no availability for walk-up reservations.

Passengers originating in countries Singapore has unilaterally opened its borders to, including Vietnam, China, Taiwan, New Zealand and most of Australia, are no longer restricted to one of the Transit Holding Areas and can roam the shops and restaurants freely or visit lounges, however this does not currently apply to any passengers originating in Europe.

Transit options through Changi

Here’s a look at the latest lists for SIA Group transit approvals, with cities falling into one of three categories:

  • Origin-only cities
  • Origin and destination cities
  • Destination-only cities
Most transit passengers are restricted to a designated Transit Holding Area to wait between flights. (Photo: Changi Airport)

Origin-only cities

The following eight cities in mainland China and two in Vietnam are approved as origin-only points for transit itineraries through Changi Airport. Both Frankfurt and Zurich are also origin-only, when flying on a connecting interline itinerary with a partner airline.

Valid Origin-only Cities: SIA Group
(for transit through Changi)
  City Airline
China Chongqing Silk Bird Green    
Guangzhou TZtrans    
Nanjing TZtrans    
Shanghai Kris Yellow    
Shenzhen Kris Yellow    
Tianjin TZtrans    
Wuhan TZtrans    
Zhengzhou TZtrans    
Germany Frankfurt    
Switzerland Zurich    
Vietnam Hanoi