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Singapore Airlines transfers two Boeing 787 orders to Scoot

Only 13 more Boeing 787-10s will join the Singapore Airlines fleet, with the airline converting two of its remaining orders to 787-9s for Scoot.

Five of SIA's new 787s will also now be delivered via lessors.

Earlier this year Singapore Airlines reduced its large Boeing 787-10 order from a total of 44 aircraft to 30, as part of a swap which also increased its total Boeing 777-9 order from 20 aircraft to 31, while also agreeing to a slowed delivery schedule from the U.S. manufacturer due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With 15 Boeing 787-10s already in service with SIA, the news meant only 15 more would be delivered to the carrier, instead of the original outstanding order for 29.


At the same time, SIA agreed a moderated delivery schedule with Airbus in relation to its A320, A321 and A350 orders over the coming years, though no changes to those order totals were made.

Scoot will take more 787s

Singapore Airlines has quietly transferred two of its outstanding 15 Boeing 787-10 orders to low-cost subsidiary Scoot, also converting them to the smaller 787-9 series.

Scoot currently has 20 Boeing 787s in its fleet and was previously taking an additional five examples; three of the 787-8 and two of the -9 variant.

The budget airline will now take a total of four Boeing 787-9s in the coming years, growing its wide-body fleet to 27 aircraft instead of a previously planned 25.

Scoot configures its Boeing 787-9s with 35 ‘ScootPlus’ seats and 340 Economy Class seats, for a total capacity of 375. (Photo: Scoot)

Here’s a summary of Scoot’s current fleet and future aircraft orders, following this change.