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Singapore Airlines announces schedule through to October 2023

Here's our network-wide breakdown of the latest update to Singapore Airlines' flight schedules for the April to October 2023 period, including aircraft types.

Singapore Airlines has finalised its flight schedules including days of operation and aircraft type allocation across its network for the upcoming summer travel season, which means we now have a firm idea of where and when the carrier will be flying through to the end of October 2023.

Although flights for this period were already loaded for some time, many frequencies and aircraft types in particular were based on a ‘copy-paste’ of the pre-COVID schedules, and therefore weren’t necessarily accurate, until now.


An additional daily Airbus A380 to and from Sydney is on the cards, in addition to a daily superjumbo to Melbourne, as we recently reported, while there are nine daily Kuala Lumpur flights on selected days and five times daily Tokyo services in the pipeline from June.

Some capacity reductions are planned, however, including a reduction from 11 per week to daily for Auckland flights, and a slimmed-down schedule to both Colombo and Kathmandu.

The overall passenger network will stand at 76 destinations for the mainline carrier next summer, with around 72% of pre-COVID capacity by flight volumes restored.

Headline figures

In total Singapore Airlines will fly over 1,900 passenger flights per week by October 2023, its highest total since schedules were slashed in April 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s around 72% of the pre-pandemic monthly total operated on the combined SilkAir / SIA network in January 2020. SilkAir has now been fully merged into SIA.

Singapore Airlines’ fleet now includes former SilkAir Boeing 737-800s. (Photo: Dillon Chong)

Singapore Airlines schedule

Here’s how the flight frequencies and aircraft types on the short-haul and Asia network will look during the upcoming season, which starts on 26th March 2023 and runs through to 28th October 2023.

Aircraft types key:

  • 359 MH: Airbus A350 Medium Haul
  • 359 LH: Airbus A350 Long Haul
  • 359 ULR: Airbus A350 ULR
  • 388: Airbus A380
  • 738: Boeing 737-800
  • 77W: Boeing 777-300ER
  • 787: Boeing 787-10
  • 7M8: Boeing 737-8 MAX
SQtrans small
Singapore Airlines Routes
Short-haul & Asia

(Apr – Oct 2023)
City Month(s) Acft
Apr ’23

May ’23
Jun ’23

Oct ’23
Ahmedabad 5/wk 5/wk 359 MH
Bangkok   35/wk
(was 28/wk)
35/wk 359 MH

Beijing 1/wk 1/wk 359 LH
Bengaluru 16/wk 16/wk 7M8
359 MH
Brunei 5/wk 5/wk 7M8
  4/wk 7M8
Chennai 17/wk 17/wk 7M8
(via DVO)
7/wk 7/wk 7M8
Chengdu 1/wk
1/wk 359 LH
Chongqing 1/wk 1/wk 787
Cochin 14/wk 14/wk 7M8
Colombo   4/wk
(was 7/wk)
4/wk 787
Da Nang 7/wk 7/wk 7M8
Davao 7/wk 7/wk 7M8
35/wk 35/wk 7M8
Dhaka 7/wk 7/wk 787
Delhi 14/wk 14/wk 388
Fukuoka 3/wk 3/wk 787
Hanoi 14/wk
14/wk 359 MH
Ho Chi Minh   19/wk
(was 14/wk)
19/wk 359 MH
Hong Kong 21/wk

(fm 1 Oct)
359 LH
359 MH
Hyderabad 7/wk 7/wk 359 MH
Jakarta 42/wk 42/wk 359 LH
359 MH
Kathmandu   7/wk
(was 9/wk)
7/wk 7M8
Kolkata 7/wk 7/wk 359 MH
Kuala Lumpur   55/wk
(was 44/wk)
  61/wk 359 LH
Malé 14/wk 14/wk 359 MH
Manila 28/wk 28/wk 359 MH
Medan 7/wk 7/wk 7M8
Mumbai 16/wk 16/wk 359 MH
359 LH
Nagoya 3/wk 3/wk 787
Osaka   11/wk
(was 14/wk)
Penang 14/wk

(fm 1 Oct)
Phnom Penh 21/wk 21/wk 7M8
Phuket 28/wk 28/wk 738
Seoul 21/wk
  28/wk 359 MH
Shanghai 3/wk 3/wk 388
Shenzhen 2/wk 2/wk 359 MH
Siem Reap 7/wk
  10/wk 7M8
Surabaya 10/wk 10/wk 359 MH
Taipei   10/wk
(was 7/wk)
  14/wk 787
Tokyo Haneda 14/wk
  21/wk 359 MH
Tokyo Narita 14/wk
14/wk 77W
Xiamen 1/wk
1/wk 359 MH
Yangon 7/wk 7/wk 7M8
Total 581/wk

(fm 1 Oct)

The latest updated schedules including days of operation are available at the Singapore Airlines website.

On the short-haul network there’s a hike in Bangkok flights from four times daily back to five, with the early morning SQ706/705 flights re-added to the schedule for the summer season.

Surprisingly, the airline’s seat capacity to and from Bangkok next summer is still only 83% of pre-COVID levels, despite full border reopening.

SIA’s Bangkok route is still missing one of its former six daily flights

The Singapore – Kuala Lumpur route will be back at 87% of pre-COVID frequencies with 61 weekly services by July 2023, while Taiwan, which recently relaxed its entry requirements for visitors, will see full pre-pandemic schedules again on the Singapore – Taipei route at 14 flights per week, from the same month.

Penang also sees a marked increase with 35 flights per week (5 per day) by October, 83% of pre-pandemic levels.


On the aircraft types front there’s a welcome replacement of the Boeing 737-800 with the 737-8 MAX on the morning Bali flights from April, for a fully flat-bed offering on the route in Business Class.

Malé also finally gets wide-body service again, with one of two daily flights switching across to the Airbus A350 Medium Haul next summer.