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KrisFlyer ends miles earning with Klook and KKday

You can no longer earn KrisFlyer miles with Klook or KKday, leaving Pelago as the sole option in the experiences and activities category.

Back in November 2022 Singapore Airlines partnered with travel and experience bookings site Klook, making it the third experiences portal to offer KrisFlyer miles when you booked in addition to any credit card rewards for the payment itself.

That came after a link with KKday in May 2021, both of which were a little surprising given that the airline had already launched its own experiences portal Pelago, in October 2020.


Now that Pelago’s offering has expanded significantly, it’s perhaps not surprising to report that both the Klook and KKday tie-ups have now been axed, meaning you’ll only be able to earn KrisFlyer miles with the airline’s in-house portal for activities like this going forward.

Klook x KrisFlyer partnership lasted only six months

Earning KrisFlyer miles with selected Klook bookings is no longer possible, with Singapore Airlines removing all references to this campaign from its website on 26th May 2023.

Klook confirmed to us that this partnership in fact ended on 20th May 2023, just over six months after it launched.

Unfortunately the partnership always seemed to be very poorly thought-out.

A double miles promotion for bookings made during the first week of the tie up was “limited”, but no one was willing to say by how much – rendering it a complete gamble, while a variety of experience categories and flight ticket bookings were excluded from miles earning.

Furthermore, it was only possible to enter your KrisFlyer membership number on the desktop site, not via the Klook app. “Half-baked” was a bit of an understatement!


If you made eligible Klook bookings including your KrisFlyer membership number on or before 19th May 2023, you should still receive 1 KrisFlyer mile for every US$1 spent (approximately 0.74 mpd) in your account two months after the month of booking.

While it offered one of the widest range of travel, experience and activity options, Klook’s year-round KrisFlyer miles earning rate was unfortunately the lowest among the FFP’s earning trio in this category, as shown in the table below.

KrisFlyer miles earning at experiences providers

KrisFlyer Miles
Earn Rate
(ended) 1.48 mpd
1.00 mpd
(ended) 0.74 mpd

Pelago, SIA’s own experience and activities booking platform, has offered promotional earn rates of up to 5 mpd, including a recent 3 mpd offer, but there is no promotion currently running.

KKday x KrisFlyer partnership has also ceased

The slightly longer-standing experiences portal offering KrisFlyer miles with your booking – KKday – actually boasted the best year-round earn rate of 2 KrisFlyer miles per US$1 spent (around 1.48 mpd at current exchange rates).

When KKday launched KrisFlyer miles earning for activities bookings, a triple miles promotional earn rate was offered, meaning around 4.5 mpd for the first two months, but that didn’t make a return to our knowledge.

KKday offered a triple KrisFlyer miles promo at launch

Earning KrisFlyer miles with KKday could not be combined with any voucher codes, and some activities did not qualify, which made this benefit a bit more limited.

It was one or the other with KKday…

While Singapore Airlines still advertises its KKday tie-up online, as does the provider itself, we noticed that it is no longer possible to enter your KrisFlyer details to earn miles with bookings made via this portal, and KKday has now confirmed to us that the partnership has permanently ceased.

Pelago remains

Singapore Airlines launched its own Klook-like “destination discovery platform” Pelago in late 2020, offering a range of activities, experiences and attraction tickets in Singapore, but now that borders have reopened the portal also features many international options too, SIA destinations like Phuket and London.

These include include theme park admission, food and drink tours, and wellness treatments, with over 380 packages currently available in Singapore alone, ranging from around S$5 to over S$5,300 at the time of writing.

Pelago offers 1 KrisFlyer mile for every S$1 spent on bookings, credited to your KrisFlyer account one week after you complete your activity.

You must ensure that your Pelago booking is made under your name, as it appears in your KrisFlyer membership records, to be eligible for miles earning.


Miles earned will be calculated based on the final amount paid for the booking including taxes, after eligible discounts have been applied, rounded up to the next whole mile.

Earn 7 mpd at Pelago with the right credit card

Pelago’s payment provider is using the following Merchant Category Code when processing credit card payments:

MCC 4722: Travel Agencies and Tour Operators

Pelago bookings should also classify as online transactions, giving you the following options to earn up to an additional 6 mpd through your credit card points for these transactions, for 7 mpd equivalent total year-round.

Card Earn
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Both-Cards-Portrait-Small.pngUOB Lady’s
UOB Lady’s Solitaire

6 mpd Capped at S$1,000 per calendar month (Lady’s) or S$3,000 per month (Lady’s Solitaire), provided Travel is selected as one of your bonus earn categories.
(see our review)
4 mpd For online spend, capped at S$2,000 per calendar month.
HSBC Revo Card SmallHSBC Revolution
(see our review)
4 mpd For online spend at travel agencies (MCC 4722), capped at S$1,000 per calendar month combined with other 4 mpd bonus spend.

Citi Lazada
2 mpd For travel transactions under MCC 4722, capped at S$1,800 spend per statement cycle but combined with other 4 mpd / 2 mpd bonus spend (i.e. S$1,800 cap assumes your only bonus category spend in a statement cycle is Travel).

Don’t use your Citi Rewards card for Pelago bookings, as MCC 4722 falls under the travel category, specifically excluded from earning the 4 mpd rate for online spend with that card.

It will therefore only earn 0.4 mpd, so it’s probably much better in that case to use your best general spend card, assuming you don’t have one of the above options or have already hit your monthly bonus cap.




Earning additional KrisFlyer miles with experiences and activities portals has shrunk from three providers to one recently, with the programme axing ties with both Klook and KKday.

That leaves 1 mpd at Pelago as the sole option in this category, plus up to 6 mpd when you use the right credit card to pay.

Hopefully we’ll see some bonus miles promotions from Pelago repeated in the near future, for an even better proposition.

(Cover Image: Klook)



  1. SQ miles are so difficult to redeem these days, feels almost pointless. Often only flexi Econ tickets can be redeemed, costing close to a business saver ticket. Its like having millions of dollars in your bank account but the bank don’t let you use it. very disappointed with SQ

  2. A random search for SIN-LHR shows Econ saver avail across 6-10 Nov. not sure what u mean by “hard to redeem”

    If you are generalizing hard to redeem when you are trying to redeem for peak long weekends or school holidays especially close to departure then I think it’s not a right generalization.

    1. Well, not sure about you but for myself and most friends around me “earn miles” for the primary objective to redeem business saver tickets, or business class tickets in general. I usually check for tickets 1-3 months down the road, not 6 months down the road like your case. I mean, why would people “work hard to earn miles” to redeem Econ saver tickets when they don’t cost that much to begin with. Econ flexi tickets will cost almost just as much as business saver tickets. I don’t remember before COVID business class tickets is this difficult to redeem.

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