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Singapore Airlines Fleet: April 2019

SQ A330 Tail (Singapore Airlines)

There isn’t a dull moment for the Singapore Airlines fleet lately. Be it a passenger boarding bridge colliding with the engine of a (nearly new) A350ULR, or cracks being found in several engines on the (nearly new) 787-10s, it’s been an interesting month since our last update, and no doubt a frustrating one for the folk at Airline House.

Interestingly, and for the first time ever, a Singapore Airlines Airbus aircraft now wears the Star Alliance colour scheme.

There were 124 registered aircraft in the Singapore Airlines fleet as reported by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) on 31st March 2019. As usual, we look at how they are distributed across the fleet, which are in active service and which are set for disposal.


Headline numbers

Here’s how the Singapore Airlines fleet totals look at 4th April 2019.

CAAS Database: 124
For disposal: -2
In Service: 122
In maintenance, or delivered but yet to enter service: -9
Active: 113

The official registered aircraft data in combination with analysis of actual flight data over the last few weeks allows us to determine the actual ‘in service’ fleet of 122 planes at 4th April 2019, 113 of which are currently active.

Click here to see the official CAAS list of registered aircraft in Singapore at 31st March 2019.

Singapore Airlines Fleet at 4th April 2019

This table shows the Singapore Airlines fleet including how many of each aircraft type are legally registered (‘Registered’), available to the airline (‘In Service’) and currently operating revenue passenger flights (‘Active’).

& Layout
Registered In Service Active
30 J (2009 RJ)
255 Y (2006 Y)

(full details)
19 18 17
42 J (2013 J)
24 W (2015 W)
187 Y (2013 Y)

(full details)
21 21 20
A350-900 Regional